Does Verizon Blacklist Phones For Non-Payment?

Your Verizon Wireless device may have been disconnected and you may not know why. Sometimes it could be that you bought the device from someone or the phone was given to you, and after a few weeks you got disconnected not knowing what the problem is. Sometimes it could be because your Verizon Wireless device has been blacklisted. Read below to know if your device was disconnected because it was blacklisted. In this Articles let us know Does Verizon Blacklist Phones For Non-Payment?

Does Verizon Blacklist Phones For Non-Payment?

Does Verizon Blacklist Phones For Non Payment?

The answer is yes! Verizon Blacklist Phones by blocking the IMEI number of the phone. A phone can or may be blacklisted for several reasons, one of them being Non Payment.

Verizon is one of the most in-demand carriers in the US because of its reliable and fast phone services. Their services are affordable but nonpayment can result in the suspension of your services and possible blacklisting of your phone 

If your device has been blacklisted due to nonpayment, you can whitelist it by paying up your outstanding balance or selling it as a secondhand phone.

What Does It Mean When Verizon Blacklists A Phone?

When a phone is blacklisted, it means the phone has either been reported stolen or lost or it could also be that you have outstanding payments to be paid. When your device is blacklisted, what has occurred is simply that Verizon has simply blocked your phone’s unique identifier, your IMEI number. Once this is done, you are restricted from services such as making calls and sending messages neither can it use data.

Can You Use A Blacklisted Phone?

You can still use your Verizon phone either by whitelisting it (that is to pay up your outstanding balance and keep your account updated) or by using special apps and programs.

There are several ways to whitelist your phone, but if you desire to stay with the same service provider, you have to pay up your overdue balance to get your service restored to you.

How To Unblock A Blacklisted Phone.

As already stated, your phone can be blacklisted for several reasons such as theft/ loss as well as nonpayment. Follow the steps below to discover how to unblock your blacklisted phone.

1. If you are willing to continue with Verizon as your carrier, all you need to do is call Verizon customer care on this line, 1-800-922-0204. Thankfully the customer service at Verizon runs 24 hours, so you’ll be able to reach them and find out the reason for the suspension of service.

2. If you have been blacklisted for nonpayment and you wish to continue with the carrier, all you have to do is find out how much is overdue, and pay. Verizon gives room for payment options so you can offer a payment promise in case you are unable to settle the bill all at once.

3. Once you have settled your outstanding balance, you get your IMEI number available to the agent and they’ll unblock your device. All you need to do is wait for your service to be restored which does not take more than a day to happen.

If on the other hand you were blacklisted mistakenly due to a system error relating to theft or loss (which is a very rare case). Not to worry, all you have to do is provide proof of identification to Verizon via email or you can go to a Verizon store and prove to an agent that your phone is with you and not stolen.

If you wish to discontinue your service with Verizon and do not wish to pay the outstanding balance, you can pay to have your phone unblocked. Services like IMEI Authority and Cell Unlocker amongst others can help but it is advisable to be careful and do a lot of research to avoid employing the help of companies that would only scam you. You may have your phone unblocked but your IMEI number is still registered under blacklisted devices.

Below are some ways to get your phone unblocked:

1. Change Carriers. This process is carried out by taking your phone and replacing all your Verizon files and access with your desired new carrier.

2. Change Networks. If your phone has a sim, it can use the GSM network. Phones with GSM can switch carriers by just changing sims.

3. Sell your Verizon blacklisted phone. Although your phone May have been blocked, you can still sell it legally on some sites. But make sure to indicate that the phone has been blacklisted and the site will show you the worth of your phone.

4. You can also decide to sell your phone parts. This serves as a means of income for you.


Now that the question “Does Verizon blacklist for nonpayment?” Has been answered, all you’ll need to do is make a reminder for your payment monthly so you don’t forget and get suspended from service.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Does Verizon Blacklist For Non Payment?

Yes, they do. When you have an unpaid balance that has lingered, Verizon Blacklists your phone.

2. Can a blacklisted phone still work on WiFi?

Yes, it can, but the phone is unable to make calls and send SMS. Only the person who reported the phone stolen has access to request for the phone to be removed from the blacklist.

Does Verizon Blacklist Phones For Non-Payment?

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