Macro Polo Spam- Find More About It

Macro polo is a video messaging app available for iOS and Android. It is different from other social media as it only has the messaging feature and no other public feature like posting pictures and content publically. It works a bit like Snapchat. Released in 2014 by Joya Communications Macro Polo has been dubbed a “video walkie-talkie”. The app got a stable business year in 2019 amid the pandemic its use and sale have increased. Let us know more detail about ‘Macro Polo Spam’.

Macro Polo Spam

Macro Polo Spam

Macro Polo is an app that has Stay in touch with the people who matter most to you as its tagline.

This is a video chatting app that connects its customers with their genuine people through video messaging and makes their connection more comfortable. 

The app ensures no stranger entry as it only connects with the people who are already in the contact list of the user.  

Macro Polo is serving free, though it offers a $9.99 monthly subscription. By getting the subscription one can get their previous chat and messages.  

Macro Polo Scam Alert!!  

Serving free and giving a home-like experience to its customers Macro Polo has been an easy target for scammers. Many people got bombed by spoofed messages. Scammers have been bombarding the app with fake and spam messages making it uncomfortable and risky for the customers to use it. The text usually includes an invitation to download the Macro Polo app with a fake promise that the sender left them a video message. Once you log in there is no trace of the message. The people have fallen for this kind of text and have become easy prey to frauds. 

All these kinds of messages are very annoying, irritating, and uncomfortable. The messages are sent by the scammers leaving the real sender not knowing about the situation. The real sender only gets to know the situation when the receiver informs them or discusses it with them. 

While this kind of scam did not cause financial damage, these messages can cause more personal damage. The scammers can dare to send a link asking about your financial details. You should never click this kind of link. 

Although the app promises to not use the contact information for aggressive marketing purposes.

How does Macro Polo work?

The app is very easy and comfy to use. The user can send a video and text messages to others and they can watch them in their free time. Rather than posting the stuff publically users have their personal space. This app is different from any other social media platform where users post publically.   

How to spot the scam?

  • Beware of getting a message to download the macro polo app via a link shared by any one of your contact lists. Anyone includes people who are in less contact with you and are just on the contact list. People who download it and allows it to connect the app with their contact list, the app can send certain invitation to download the app. It could be a hassle if one downloads it he\she can fall prey to scammers and frauds. 
  • Do not click on the unnecessary link sent to you. The scammer can ask for your card details and other personal details that can be triggering. 

Recorded spam text cases

There are no specific numbers of cases recorded against the spam business on the Macro Polo app. As one can see from the negative reviews under the app, the scams cannot be denied. 

At last 

Now we have learnt ‘Macro Polo Spam’, The application has been serving the best of the customers. Following its motto “Helping people feel close”, creating a home-like comfortable experience and bringing the loved ones closer. Making one-on-one conversation more expressive and interesting. However, not a single thing can assure a hundred percent safety in this complex world. When something is free and easy to use, it can open the ways for unauthentic users to enter and take advantage of it. Although many have faced problems with the Marco Polo scam text, many are still enjoying the comfort of the app. But the company should make certain strict regulations and guidelines to ensure the pure safety of its users. Making it more user-friendly and keeping it close to the scammers. 


Q1} How to report a problem to Macro Polo? 

A1} To report a problem, you can visit the official web of the app, or can contact the app also from the Setting menu.

Q2} What is the 2021 Macro Polo review? 

A2} Macro Polo combines the best of texting, social media, and video chats – all in one private, easy-to-use app. 

  • Rating – 4.8/5 
  • Safety score – 40.7/100 
  • Legitimacy score – 40.7/100 
  • (data and review source:

Q3} What app is better than Macro Polo? 

A3} Some top alternatives can be ; 

  • Viber 
  • Messenger, 
  • Azar,
  • Webchat.          

Q4} How do I reset my Macro Polo app?

A4} To reset the app, the user needs to delete the app and download it once again from the Play or iOS store. 

Q5} Can you talk to strangers on Macro Polo? 

A5} Macro Polo does not allow strangers. For chatting a user must add them to their contact list.

Macro Polo Spam- Find More About It

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