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The Mohu Leaf Antenna Mohu generates a strong and more stable signal strength with unlimited access to many TV channels for its customers. Mohu Antenna receives free over-the-air HD broadcasts with an amplifier mainly designed for quality reception services. The Mohu Leaf indoor antenna is usually placed behind your television to establish a stable signal strength that is as strong as an outdoor antenna. The mohu antenna needs to be moved in different directions and find the perfect location that will give better signals, although the antennas have signal indicators. Antenna Direct Inc. owns all Mohu Leaf Antenna 

Mohu Leaf Antenna

Types Of Mohu Leaf Antennas Available

It come in different types with different facilities and complete items needed for mounting the antenna.

Mohu Leaf Metro

This is the cheapest type of antenna available. Metro Antenna is Mohu Leaf’s smallest, portable, and flat antenna with an easy installation process. This antenna gives access to very few channels compared to the other types of Mohu Leaf Antennas.

  • Features
  1. It has fewer channels
  2. It is an American-based production 
  3. 25 mileage
  4. It does not have an amplifier
  5. It is paintable and reversible
  6. It has a 10feet detachable cable
  • Cost

The cost of each Mohu leaf antenna is $17. 

Mohu Leaf 30

This antenna has more channels than the metro with an amplifier. It is also very easy to install indoors 

  • Features
  1. It is a white and black reversible color
  2. 40 millage
  3. It is paintable 
  4. It has a 10feet detachable coloxial cable
  • Cost

It is for $38.

Mohu Leaf 50 Indoor HDTV Amplified Antenna

It is standard with more stable signal strength and gives access to more local networks such as CBS.

  • Features
  1. It is a multi-directional UHF/VHF
  2. It is a detachable 16feet coloxial cable
  3. It is paintable and reversible
  4. It has a USB cable of 6ft
  5. A 60 millage range
  6. It has an in-line amplifier
  • Cost

It is for $59.99

Mohu Leaf V3 Ultimate Indoor HDTV Amplifier 

The Mohu Leaf supreme is bigger than other antennas. This antenna is also a very standard Mohu Leaf product produced in America.

  • Features
  1. It has a signal indicator 
  2. It is a 16ft coloxial cable
  3. It is a first-stage Mohu Leaf Amplifier
  • Cost

It is for $49.99.

Mohu Leaf Ultimate 65 Amplified Indoor HDTV

Antenna. It is one of the best Mohu Leaf Antennas that can strongly pick signals and gives additional quality showing channels. It comes in two bundles and is a bit like the 50.

  • Features
  1. It has a 12ft. Coloxial cable 
  2. a jolt amplifier 
  3. it has RF filtering technological facility to give you standard channels
  • Cost

It is for $66.

Mohu Leaf Supreme Pro Amplified Indoor TV Antenna

It is a little higher than the Mohu ultimate antenna and more powerful with a very long signal strength to give quality channels to viewers.

  • Features
  1. It is multi-directional, which can detect signals
  2. It has a 12ft. coloxial detachable cable
  3. A 65 millage
  4. There is access to television networks such as CBS, NBS, FOX, and so many more
  • Cost

It is for $79. These antenna prices vary, and the prices depend on where you are buying from.

Mohu Leaf Plus 

It is a little more advanced than Mohu Leaf 30 and gives access to more channels.

  • Features Of Mohu 30 Leaf
  1. It has a 12ft. coaxial cable
  2. It is the first-stage amplifier
  • Advantages Of Using Mohu Antenna
  1. The Mohu antenna gives you quality and plenty of channels
  2. you can install the antenna, and anyone at home can install it because it is easy to install
  3. It is very affordable and cheap
  4. It gives you quality channels and more channel access like the cable network


Mohu antenna is one of the best in offering quality channels to customers with indoor easy-to-fix antennas that are affordable. The Mohu antenna has received good ratings and positive reviews from satisfied customers over the years. The number of channels Mohu Leaf antenna customers have access to on their television depends on the customers’ various locations. Mohu Leaf Antenna gives customers opportunities to access multiple channels and entertainments from your various homes at anytime

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best and most powerful Mohu Leaf Antenna?

The best Mohu Leaf antenna is the Mohu Leaf 50.

  • How can a person scan for local channels on the Mohu Leaf Antenna easily?

To scan for local channels, you will have to tap on the menu button on your television remote and automatically scan for channels, then keep moving the antenna in different directions.

  • Why are the local channels not showing on my television even after I carefully fixed the Mohu leaf antenna to my television?

The reason local channels are not showing on your television could be because the signal is not strong. You can try moving the antenna in different directions to get a stronger signal.

Mohu Leaf Antenna -Know More

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