What equipment Do I Need To Return To Comcast?


Comcast cable service is called Xfinity. As a subscriber to Xfinity, you will be given some equipment. However, you may want to cancel your service, or a situation warrants you to disconnect the service. The equipment given to you must be returned at the due time to avoid penalties. Let us know more about “What equipment Do I need To Return To Comcast?”.

What equipment Do I need To Return To Comcast?

This article will cover the various equipment you need to return to Xfinity and how to return them. All you need to know about the Xfinity Equipment Return policy will be appropriately treated.

Comcast (Xfinity)

When you subscribe to Xfinity as a first-timer, you will receive certain equipment or devices like; a modem, router, TV boxes, remote controls, power cords, etc. The equipment you receive depends on the plan you subscribe to. The equipment is most times shipped to the desired location. Sometimes, a technician is sent along to help fix the connection. 

In a case where you want to cancel your subscription with the Xfinity cable service, you want to return damaged equipment, or you want to upgrade or downgrade your current plan, Xfinity has an Equipment Return policy that takes absolute care of that.

For damaged or faulty equipment that you want to return, you can only return 14 days after the date of shipment or date of purchase from a retail store. Perhaps, you want to cancel your plan or upgrade your current plan, there are different methods you can go about shipping the equipment back to Xfinity.

When to return the equipment to Xfinity?

1. It is important to return certain equipment to Xfinity if you want to cancel your plan. The equipment must be returned after 10 days of cancellation.

2. If the equipment is faulty or damaged, you can send them back to the company for proper replacement. You can only return after 14 days of purchase.

3. If you want to upgrade your plan, your equipment may not be able to operate with the new plan. Therefore you have to return the equipment, to get upgraded ones from the company.

4. Perhaps, you want to downgrade your plan. Like with upgrading, your current equipment may not be able to operate with the new plan. Therefore, you have to return the equipment, to get the ones compatible with the new plan.

What equipment do I need to return to Comcast?

The equipment you need to return are:

a. Remote control.

b. Router and modem.

c. TV box.

d. XFI pods.

e. Power cable.

f. Wireless Gateway.

g. Xfinity cameras.

h. Xfinity Voice modem.

i. Xfinity Internet modem.

Note: You can keep the coaxial cables since it is only the power cord you must return.

How to return equipment to Comcast?

You now know when and what to return to Comcast. Now let’s talk about how to return equipment to Comcast.

1. Notify the company:

Firstly, inform the company of your quest to return the equipment. How to go about this:

A. Visit the Xfinity website and log in to your account with your details.

B. Navigate to the Equipment Return page.

C. Select the devices you want to return from the list of devices shown.

D. Choose a reason for the return.

E. Choose the return method.

The different methods are:

• At a UPS store:

Before you visit a UPS store, disconnect the equipment you want to return and place them in the original box. You can place it in a durable cardboard box if you can not access the original one.

Take it to the UPS store near to you, to get your shipping label. Your equipment will now be packaged and dispatched. 

You will be given a receipt that has a tracking number. This number can be used to track the return process.

• Xfinity store/Comcast Service Center:

Visit an Xfinity store or a Comcast Service Center near to you. Drop off the equipment and you will be given a receipt that contains a tracking number to track the return process.

Why must you return Xfinity equipment?

It is very important to return equipment to Comcast after plan cancellation or when your contract expires and you don’t want to renew. The equipment must be returned 10 days after cancellation of the service. The equipment is legally owned by Xfinity, so it must be returned in due time. You would be asked to pay a fine if you fail to do so. The fine could be the cost of the equipment and some additional costs. So, to save yourself the stress of paying fines, kindly return the equipment when due.


Now, you know why, how, and what to return equipment to Xfinity. Make sure you return when due to avoid paying fines.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens when I lose Xfinity equipment?

Answer: Xfinity recommends contacting them early so that your device will be suspended and locked to prevent an outsider from tapping into your service.

2. What will I be charged if I lose Xfinity equipment?

Answer: The amount is not fixed, but it ranges from $100-$300.

What equipment Do I Need To Return To Comcast?

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