AliExpress Refund Policy-Know More

AliExpress is a great website for finding affordable and high-quality products. However, you might not always like the product you are given or it is defective. You can request a refund from AliExpress as they have a refund policy.  AliExpress has a buyer’s protection scheme that offers a refund policy to its buyers. It would take 15 days to get your money back after cancellation. AliExpress offers refunds on fake products, late deliveries, etc. Let’s Know AliExpress Refund Policy.

AliExpress Refund Policy

Does AliExpress Offer Refunds – Know The Policy

A Chinese retail store and a subsidiary of the Alibaba group, AliExpress is one of the biggest in the market with millions of customer base. AliExpress is known for its unique products, wholesale market, cheaper rate, and availability. With such popularity, it naturally has good customer service as well. And one such customer benefits program is its refund policy.

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AliExpress has a refund policy but it is not very straightforward. You have to have proper evidence for your refund claim and know where to request a refund. AliExpress encourages dealing directly with the seller first.

It can be troublesome as a buyer has to send the package to the seller at their own cost. And even then the buyer may not get a full refund depending on the seller’s decision.

AliExpress does offer assistance if the seller is not responsive or the dispute is not solved. But to get a refund you have to be patient and hopeful about the situation.

What Are The Conditions Of A Refund?

AliExpress is said to have a clear and straightforward policy on returns and refunds under their buyer protection seller-guaranteed program. They believe that the buyer and the seller alike have the right to claim their money if they think there is any fraud. Although the company suggests solving the dispute between the buyer and the seller first. If they don’t reach a solid conclusion, only then will AliExpress interfere.

AliExpress will grant you a refund if your case meets certain conditions only. And those are

  • Cancellation of the order placed.
  • The products received aren’t the same as the ordered (eg. color, size, looks, or a different product) or in the description.
  • The order arrives late or doesn’t arrive at all.
  • The seller has given a fake product or is charged with fraud.
  • The buyer wins the dispute between them and the seller for any reason related to the product in partial or full compensation.

How To Request A Refund?

AliExpress has two types of refunds. One is if you cancel your order even before it arrives, AliExpress will refund your money upon getting the order cancellation notice. And second is if you request a refund due to an issue with the product. Here you have to open a dispute where the seller will negotiate with you. If the seller isn’t responsive, then AliExpree will refund you.

If it’s the first case then 

  • Log in to your account.
  • Go to your Order.
  • Click the cancel option.
  • Give a reason for cancellation and hit confirm.

While claiming a refund

  • Log in to your AliExpress account.
  • Go to order history and select the product you want a refund on.
  • Click on ‘Open Dispute’.
  • Attach supporting documents like photos and videos.
  • Submit.

The Time It Takes To Complete The Refund Process

If you want to cancel an order, you have to do it within seven days of purchasing the product. If AliExpress accepts the cancellation, you’d be refunded within 3 to 20 business days. Additionally, if you are a Platinum or Diamond member you are eligible to get a fast refund on purchases up to $25 and $100 respectively.

In case of claiming a refund, you have to open the dispute within 60 days which is the package delivery time. And the seller has 15 days to respond and negotiate with you. If both sides don’t reach an amicable situation, the AliExpress authority will intervene and decide whether you get the refund or not. This process takes some additional time.


AliExpress claims to appreciate and care about the customer’s business and satisfaction. As you have already seen, AliExpress does have policies set in place to achieve the customer’s best experience. But with a customer base of the size they have, minor disruptions are bound to happen. They have various features set in place like track reclaim, and contact the seller to minimize problems.


  • If you’re not satisfied with the products, would you be able to get a refund from AliExpress?

If you’re not satisfied with the products, you would be able to request a refund. But it is up to the company if they consider it or not.

  • Will the product have to have the original packaging when returning?

Yes, when returning a product, be sure to keep it undamaged, unwashed, with all the tags and labels and in the original packaging it came in.

  • How to get a refund if you cannot return the product to the seller?

AliExpress has both the buyer and the seller’s best in mind. If the seller refuses to refund for valid reasons (like not getting the returned product) they can’t help you.

  • What is the refund policy like when it comes to jewelry and electronics?

The refund policy is the same for all products. But caution should be exercised with products that are easily damageable like electronic gadgets.

AliExpress Refund Policy-Know More

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