Anti Theft Car Systems Can Afford

Owning a car is a privilege. And sometimes, even sentimental feelings are attached to it and no one likes to get their things stolen. Certainly, losing a car due to theft can be very painful both literally and figuratively. So, we suggest that in this case, Prevention is better than the cause. You can take help from Anti Theft Car Systems that can prevent your car from stealing.  Here we will see about Anti Theft Car Systems Can Afford

Installing Anti Theft car systems can be expensive but we have listed here options that are afford and effective in protecting your car. 

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LoJack, Viper 2-Way Security System, Engine Immobilizer, Steering Wheel Lock, and a Pedal lock are the affordable anti-theft systems used in a car. Their price varies based on the company and the features you select to have in your device.  

These anti-theft car systems help you prevent your car from getting stolen and the good news is they are afford! Great isn’t it? Yeah, we know, so now without any further ado let’s dive right into it:-

Anti Theft Car Systems Can Afford


LoJack is a vehicle tracking system. It comes into the picture when your car is stolen. According to their website, drivers who have LoJack in their cars have gotten 90% of the recovery rate. They also provide a 24-hour theft recovery guarantee or you can get your money back. 

With its help, Police can track your car’s unique radio frequency. But, this signal is only activated when your car is reported as stolen and registered with the National Crime Information Center.

It can also detect stolen cars in areas like parking garages and heavily wooded areas where even Mobile Phones don’t work. That’s the speciality of it. LoJack’s coverage area has 30 select states inclusive in it. Kindly note that it can only detect cars that come under its coverage area.


LoJack costs $695, this is the official rate of purchase on their website. But when you avail discounts on your insurance premium then this rate will reduce and you can get a good deal for yourself. 

Viper LCD 2-Way Security System

Viper LCD 2-Way Security System is a car alarm system but nowadays car alarm systems also do perform various functions other than just alarming us when someone tries to mess with us. Like you can activate the Failsafe Starter Kill which performs the function of protecting your car from hot wiring. There are several other functions such as these that the alarming systems of today comprise of. 

Price of a Car Alarm System

Choose whichever option of features appeals the most to you in addition to your car alarm system. The price of it varies based on the features you choose to add to your Viper system. The price of a simple Viper System starts from $197.

Engine Immobilizer

Certain cars prevent themselves from theft when not in use as the engine is only signalled to turn on when a key is inserted or the key fob is present in the vehicle. The signal is sent by a transponder chip. This is the working of your engine immobilizer.

Though this is a great system to prevent your car from getting stolen, researchers have found these systems can be breached. However, it is still an effective anti-theft system.

Cost of an Engine Immobilizer 

The average cost of an engine mobilizer inclusive of parts and labour is $300. If you are yet to buy an Engine Immobilizer then you should buy a universal one at a low cost. You can even get a Guarder system at the price of $40 if you buy it from Amazon or Sears. 

Steering Wheel Lock 

Having a steering wheel lock is not just an easy option (if you consider installing it) but also easy on your pocket. 

Rate of a Steering Wheel Lock

As the features of each steering lock differ from that of the other in the same way their proving differs too. The Farmunion Foldable Lock costs $60 if you purchase it from Amazon. The rate of Club’s steering wheel lock is around $35. You can look for steering wheel locks of all the companies, their features, and their cost, and then select the one you like most.

Pedal Jack

Peal Jack is another option for you if you want to save some bucks while also saving your car from getting stolen. 

With a similar working style such as the steering wheel lock, a pedal jack lock will lock your brake pedal in place. It is very flexible and uses a key that can not be made again, protecting your car with its utmost capacity.  

Pricing of a Pedal Jack

Pedal jacks are generally available for an inexpensive price starting from $43. 

Conclusion –

Just maintaining our car isn’t enough. We also need to ensure its safety and anti-theft systems are the way to do that. From the above-mentioned option select one which matched your choices and preferences and get your car the safety it deserves.

Anti Theft Car Systems Can Afford

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