Avast Blocking Wireless Printers – Know More


Have you experienced the inability to print from your wireless printers, irrespective of the printer model you are using as a result of running the Avast antivirus software on your device? You need to understand that this issue is not only applicable to you, nor is it a result of using a wireless printer on your device. The function of avast on the computer is to protect it from any activity that appears as a threat to the system. Let us know more about “Avast Blocking Wireless Printers”

Avast Blocking Wireless Printers - Know More

Wireless printers work when connected to the network through WiFi. With the use of a wireless printer, you can print from wherever you are in the central location and have your document delivered to you. One of the challenges you may face while using your wireless printer is restrictions from the Avast antivirus software. This may raise a concern about whether to change the printer or uninstall Avast from your system. Read this article to discover how you can protect your wireless printers from being restricted while running the Avast software on your device.

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Why Avast Will Block Your Wireless Printer?

Avast is an antivirus program that protects your system from threats. It blocks web pages, applications, and programs detected as malicious to the device. Most programs and apps that are on the wireless connection often come with threats to the system. In a bid for Avast to protect your system from malicious content, it will block your wireless printer from functioning because it has been detected as a threat to your device. This can be handled by adding a rule on your Avast setting to determine how it will treat new programs on your device.

How To Stop Avast From Blocking Your Wireless Printer?

To remove the restriction placed by Avast on the use of the wireless printer on your device. Set a new rule on the software by adding your wireless printer to the list of programs and apps to be recognized on your device by Avast using the simple eight steps below:

Step One:  Open the Avast program on your program list and allow it to reach a full scan of 100%

Step Two: After a full scan, locate the “Protection” tab on the dialog box and select the “Firewall” option.

Step Three: To add your wireless printer to the list of programs. Locate the settings icon on the right of the interface, click on it and select “Firewall Rules” from the drop-down menu.

Step Four:  Go to the Network tab on the interface. On the network tab dialog box, click on more and select the “Add new rules” option.

Step Five: Fill in all the required details such as the name of device, protocol, action, etc.

Step Six: Click on “Save” to apply the changes made.

Step Seven: Go to the Firewall settings. Click on expert settings

Select the “Friends” option. 

On the friends’ options dialog box

Click on add printer IP address.

Step Eight: Click on “Apply Changes” to save the changes made.

Please, wait for the setup to complete before you leave the page or initiate a new action.

Once the setup has been complete, close the page and restart your computer.

After applying these steps and you still encounter the issue, you may have to turn off the Avast program before printing or connect the printer to your device with a cable.


If you are using the Avast antivirus software on your device, receiving a restriction prompt from the software is one of the things you will experience not just when you are using your wireless printers but other applications that may appear as a threat to your device. The restriction can be removed by following the rules listed in this article to set a new rule on your Avast software. The rule is to ensure that your printer is not being blacklisted as a threat. You can check the printer settings on your device to copy the IP address of the wireless printer while adding the new rule.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I detect when Avast has blocked my wireless printer from printing my documents?

You will receive a prompt on the app notifying you of the restriction. If you are having difficulty with printing, check the notification bar on your device for the prompt.

2. Should I uninstall the Avast app from my device to have my printer work?

No. You do not have to uninstall the Avast app from our device before printing. Go through the listed steps to add the new rule that will allow your wireless printer to function on your device effectively. If you experience any difficulty after applying the steps, you can contact Avast customer service.

3. Which model of wireless printers works well with the Avast antivirus program?

There is no specific printer model. The issue is peculiar to all wireless printers. Follow the steps to sort it out. 

Avast Blocking Wireless Printers – Know More

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