Celebrities Living Modest Life

We think of celebrities as people who eat at luxury restaurants, drive expensive cars, and wear custom-designed clothes. However, there are also celebrities who, despite being very rich, live surprisingly modestly. Let us see about the celebrities living Modest life.

Celebrities Living Modest Life

Celebrities Living Modest Life

These extreme celebrities, whom we know very closely and whose films and TV shows we watch all the time, live a very simple life. The most important reason for this is that they have a rather modest personality and want to escape from the chaos caused by a luxurious life. So much so that it’s a life that you’ll find hard to believe when you see it. You will be very surprised to see celebrities living normal life despite all that money.

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Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves did not buy a house even when he was at the top of Hollywood. He always stayed in hotels or preferred to rent apartments. He doesn’t have a lot of stuff, he doesn’t want security guards around him. He even often travels by public transport. The actor had distributed 90 per cent of the money he received from The Matrix ($80 million) to the behind-the-scenes film staff and gifted motorcycles to each of his 12 stuntmen.

Vincent Kartheiser

Kartheiser, who played the character of Peter Campbell in Mad Men, is one of those who prefer to live in a modest house. He lives in a house of about 50 square meters. The actress was inspired by the industrial houses of Japanese culture, evaluated every space he could use, and created a comfortable space.

Also, the star does not want to buy a car. He often uses public transport and lives in a very modest house. As the popularity of the Mad Men series in which he starred increased, Vincent became very uncomfortable with the luxury surrounding him and scattered everything.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer, who was announced as the best-earning actress according to Forbes data in 2015, lives in a house of about 130 square meters. Even when she was most popular, she did not change her house. In an interview in 2012, she said that she was used to living in ‘normal’ houses, so living in a huge mansion would make him feel strange.

The star actor of the movie “Hunger Games” has made a habit of spending money carefully. For example, she still uses Volkswagen Eos, keeps track of discount periods in stores, and even uses discount coupons.

Sarah Jessica Parker

The actress spends her money very carefully and tries to teach her children this as well. She sews her clothes herself, buys only shoes, and loves second-hand clothes. The famous actress, who played the character of fashion icon Carrie Bradshaw in the series Sex and the City, sold all the shoes she owned at an auction thanks to the series and donated all the money she had to a music and art school.

Christian Bale

The Batman of our family, Christian Bale, after becoming famous, continued to live with his family in a one-room house and still has no mobile phone and no bodyguards. He also donated all the money he received from the movie The Promise to charity.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo, who is very, very rich, still drives a Toyota Prius and prefers to fly not by private plane, but in the economy class of other companies. In 1998, he founded his endowment fund, the ‘Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation’, and has donated more than $15 million to 30 different charities.

Keira Knightley

The actress sets herself a limit every month, and if she wants to buy something above this limit, she thinks about it for a long time. She says that a luxurious lifestyle prevents her from understanding people. Keira also sells clothes that she wears to important ceremonies, for the benefit of different associations.

Russell Crowe

Oscar winner Russell Crowe could have led a very luxurious life if he wanted to, but instead, he preferred to move to Australia, and buy a farm and an old jeep. He’s very happy right now. he regularly makes donations to various institutions, including the Montreal Jewish School, which was hit by a terrorist attack in 2004.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba, the founder of the eco-friendly diaper company The Honest Company, donated her older daughter’s old clothes to the needy. The famous actress, who is one of the 100 richest women in America, buys inexpensive clothes and uses public transport.


As a result, some famous names who are extremely rich can choose to live modest life. Even though celebrities earn a lot of money and live in fame, some celebrities lead fairly simple life. They even help some institutions or people in need with the money they earn. A few of these famous names who like to live simply are also tired of urban life and lead their lives in a quieter place.

Celebrities Living Modest Life

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