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Being a naturally impatient person. I’ve always found it frustrating to wait for days on end for a firm to send a technician to solve a problem I may have had with my internet. Even when I was out of town, I had to reschedule appointments because the technician was late. My current CenturyLink package has a feature called “Where’s My Technician,” which I discovered to help solve my problem. To fully understand how the function operated, I conducted online research on it by reading user reviews and technical manuals. Therefore, if you’re like me and like rapid and efficient technical appointments, this article offers all the information you need about CenturyLink Where’s My Tech service.

CenturyLink Where’s My Tech - Know More 

Visit the Contacts link on the business website to find out the status of your appointment with a CenturyLink Technician, and enter your zip code and any other information that may be needed. Please get in touch with Tech Support and ask for a new time to reschedule an appointment.

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What kind of tool is “Where’s My Technician Service” from CenturyLink?

Customers may check the status of their technician visit with CenturyLink’s “Where’s My Technician feature.” This service has demonstrated that it is practical. Previously, subscribers had only the option of calling, which required going through the tiresome auto-attendant processes.

What does it do? 

You must first go through several time-consuming steps to use this service if you need to know the status of your technician. 

  • Use the website link to first visit the main webpage. Visit the Contacts section. 
  • Describe your ZIP Code in five digits. 
  • You may use a valid Repair Ticket Number instead of your phone number and account number. 
  • Your technician’s visit status will be shown.

What time is my installation appointment with my technician?

Even for a new installation appointment, this service may be useful. If additional cabling or installing outlets is necessary, setting up modem/broadband connections can take more than six hours. If the appointment falls on a business day, it is advised that the client take the day off since the procedure often takes a full day. You can cancel the appointment and be allocated a spot on a more convenient date if it is already too late and the technician has not arrived.

Can I Reschedule my appointment?

For several reasons, a technical appointment may need to be rescheduled. You must be sure that someone over 18-years-of-age will be present at home when the technician arrives, as otherwise, the technician will have to ask the subscriber to reschedule the appointment. You can request that the appointment be rescheduled if you are unsure that you will be available on the specified date and time.

The following are steps for rescheduling. 

Steps for rescheduling:

  • Reach out to tech Support: Call CenturyLink’s technical support at 080661 63301 to get in touch with them. As an alternative, you can communicate with the support staff directly using the website’s chat feature.
  • Request to Have Your Appointment Rescheduled: Discuss postponing the appointment date with them. Make sure you can be available on the date in question before deciding on it.

And that’s about it. You should have no problem getting your appointment rescheduled. 


Remember that only a 4-hour window will be presented if you use this service to find out your technician’s anticipated arrival time for same-day appointments rather than the precise time. This window is flexible, which the business argues is a result of the rising nationwide demand for CenturyLink’s broadband services. It causes an increase in the number of requests for appointments to repair or install modems or routers.

Additionally, be in mind that their customer service hotline could not meet up to your expectations; users have reported wait times of up to 30 minutes. Remember to return your CenturyLink Equipment if you want to explore other options without having to pay late return penalties. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) 
  • What do technicians for CenturyLink do?

If you require assistance with setting up a new modem or router, you can schedule a technical consultation with CenturyLink. Additionally, you can get in touch with them to arrange a phone connection or for moving and maintenance work.

  • How can I make a CenturyLink appointment?

Go to the Products tab on the official website, then select Local Service. Then select Schedule Appointment – Select Available Appointment under Locations. The next step is for you to choose an appropriate day and time for the appointment to be scheduled.

  • How quickly does CenturyLink deliver a modem?

The company processes your order and ships the modem in around two days. The modem ought to show up in a few days. The installation procedure is typically finished in 3 to 4 hours.

  • Do repairs cost anything at CenturyLink?

Customers can purchase a maintenance protection package from CenturyLink that includes repairs. For as long as you are willing to pay the monthly subscription charge, they will fix the majority of internal jack and wiring problems for free. 

CenturyLink Where’s My Tech – Know More 

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