Equinix Competitors – Know More

Equinix is a leading computing center and cloud infrastructure service provider, powering the most mission-critical business applications and computing centers. The company’s global footprint spans moreover market with over 5,000 customer locations across all major industries. With its core business focused on providing end-to-end computing center solutions, Equinix also offers a broad range of other services including, using colocation, and interconnection managed to host software-as-a-service (SaaS), or solutions, and cloud computing. Let us know more about “Equinix Competitors”.

Equinix Competitors - Know More

Equinix has more than 5,000 competitors in 150+ countries around the world. Its competitors include some of the world’s largest companies, such as Adobe Systems Inc., Apple Inc., Cisco Systems Inc., eBay Inc., Facebook Inc., Google Inc., Twitter Inc., and Yahoo! Inc., among others.

Equinix Competitors

Core Site

Equinix is the largest computing center provider in the world, with over one hundred facilities across the globe. Their computing centers are so large that they have networks for each facility. For example, if you were to connect to an Equinix DC1 facility from a network of Equinix DC2s, your connection would be handled by an Equinix DC2 subnetwork.

In contrast, the Core Site does not have a subnetwork per facility. Instead, every site is connected to every other site on a global level. This means that if you connect to an Equinix DC1 site from a network of Equinix DC2s, your connection would be handled by an Equinix DC1 subnetwork.


Equinix is a large computing center company providing colocation and interconnection services to enterprise customers. Equinix hosts many of the Internet’s largest and most innovative companies, including Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Savvis is a virtual private server provider based in Los Angeles that provides hosting solutions for small businesses as well as large enterprises. Savvis has been around since 1998 and was founded by an ex-Googler who decided to put his experience into business rather than continue working at Google.

Terre mark Worldwide Inc.

Equinix and TerraMark are two of the world’s leading colocation services providers. Equinix provides its customers with a suite of services, including high-performance networking, computing center construction and management, colocation, and managed services. Terre mark provides its customers with a suite of services to meet their global connectivity needs.

Equinix offers several advantages over TerraMark, including:

Equinix is larger than TerraMark. With over two hundred computing centers worldwide and over 55 facilities in the Bay Area alone, Equinix has a large footprint to offer services to companies around the globe. It also has partnerships with major carriers such as Verizon Communications Inc (NYSE: VZ), AT&T Inc (NYSE: T), CenturyLink Inc (NYSE: CTL), and Sprint Corporation (NYSE: S). These companies provide their customers with reliable access to the Internet through Equinix’s computing centers, allowing these companies’ infrastructure from scratch.

PCCW Global Limited 

Equinix is a company that provides computing centers and other services to cloud companies. It was founded in 1998 and has become one of the world’s largest providers of colocation services. Equinix is also one of the largest cloud infrastructure providers, with more than 5 million square feet of computing center space across forty-four locations.

In addition to its computing center location, Equinix offers several other services, including hosting and cloud computing. The company also provides colocation services for other companies who need a place to store their servers and equipment.

PCW was founded in 2010 by Peter Wehling and Frank Korte as a spinoff from German IT service provider Stratex Netzwerkdienste GmbH (Strategix). It operates primarily out of Germany but also has computing centers in Ireland, Singapore, Romania, and Poland.

PCW’s business model focuses on providing managed cloud computing solutions to customers who want to launch their private clouds but do not have the time or expertise required to build their own Global Limited.


Amazon Web Services (AWS): Amazon Web Services is an American public cloud computing company based in Seattle, Washington, that provides on-demand digital infrastructure services to businesses and other organizations to build their own private or public clouds, usually managed through a web service API.[8][9] The company also maintains its proprietary distribution platform for its Amazon Machine Images (AMIs).[10] It also offers related products like AWS Direct Connect, which allows direct connections between EC2 instances and on-premises equipment.


In conclusion, I have found that the company Equinix is a leader in the cloud computing market. The company has a formidable reputation for innovation, quality, and customer service. The company is also known for its commitment to providing high-quality computing center facilities.

The company has subsidiaries like InterNX, Network Solutions, and R&D Center. This makes it easier for customers to access services and products from one company rather than having them scattered across different companies.

This article has provided a good overview of how Equinix competitors operate and what they offer their customers.

Equinix Competitors – Know More

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