How Does BT TV Work?


BT TV is a television service provider that uses the internet. It delivers content to its subscribers via the internet. BT TV falls under the class of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV). BT TV is a part of the United Kingdom telecommunication group called BT Group. BT TV was launched in 2006 as BT Vision. Let us know more about “How Does BT TV Work?”.

How Does BT TV Work?

How Does BT TV Work?

From research, BT TV works in several ways. To get a BT TV working you need to get BT broadband. This is because BT TV works by combining Freeview channels via once aerial and premium Video-On-demand through broadband. However, with BT TV there is a minimum line speed which you will be informed about when you are to purchase it. And it affects the BT TV packages you can get. To enjoy the Freeview channels that are available in your area, you will need a working television antenna or aerial and the right cable plug that will fit into your BT TV box.

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As for premium channels, you will need to connect to the BT Hub to also have access to Video On Demand content. And the best way to do this is to get the BT TV connected using an ethernet cable which will give you a stable connection. Those who have the BT TV Box Pro will be able to connect to the Smart Hub using wi-fi. However, other mini connectors will work but ethernet cable and wi-fi are recommended.

Types of BT TV boxes available

According to our research, there are four types of BT TV available to customers. 

They are BT TV Pro, 4k Recordable TV Box, Recordable TV Box, and BT TV Box.

The BT TV Pro is the latest to the collection of television boxes owned by BT TV. It is Wi-Fi enabled that allows wireless connection to the Smart Hub. BT TV Pro box can record up to six hundred hours of content, pause and rewind live television programs, and watch 4k HDR. For one to watch 4k HDR on BT TV Pro Box a high-speed HDMI cable is required.

With the 4k Recordable TV Box, you can also pause and rewind live television programs but can only record three hundred hours of content. And you watch in ultra HD (High Definition)

And with the Recordable TV Box, you can record up to three hundred hours of content, and pause and rewind live television.

As for the BT TV Box, it allows you to pause and rewind live television contents but you cannot record.

These four television boxes afford the numerous customers with BT TV options to choose from.

What does it cost to own a BT TV?

Research has it that BT TV has a range of different television packages. But for seventeen pounds (£17), you can get an entertainment package alongside the cost of whichever broadband option you go for.

Your Big Entertainment goes for twenty-seven pounds (£27) per month, while Sport and Big Sport cost sixteen pounds (£16) and forty-one pounds (£41) respectively.

All television packages need to be bundled with a broadband package.

What are BT TV flexible packages about?

From research, flexible packages on BT TV are packs of channels specifically arranged to meet the taste or demands of a customer.

In essence, if you are big on sports or drama, you have packs of channels for you to subscribe to.

It is called flexible because you can easily opt for another after a month during your two years contract.


In conclusion, how a BT TV works is that you will have to get one of the BT TV Boxes, an aerial or antenna for the Freeview channels, and a broadband package to have access to the premium channels and Video-On-Demand contents. For some of the boxes, you will need high-speed HDMI cables to enjoy some of their extra facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

(1) Can I use one BT TV box to watch in two separate rooms?

Oh yes!

For this to happen, you will need to get another tv box where you can watch a different channel at the same time but this service cost an extra fee of five pounds (£5).

(2) What do add-ons mean in BT TV?

On BT TV, add-ons are used to refer to channels or packs of channels. What this means is that the flexible package allows one to be able to change the sets of channels one has specifically subscribed to so also with add-ons, one can decide to take off as channel or packs of channels every month from the already chosen ones. 

(3) What channels are available on BT TV?

BT TV prides itself to have an array of channels for its over one million five hundred subscribers. This is more so with their recent partnership with NOW, Sky Sport, Sky Comedy, NETFLIX, etc.

How Does BT TV Work?

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