How To Cancel Emails On Yahoo?

Receiving emails has gotten more convenient, but there is a drawback too. You must have received hundreds of promotional and sales emails, which is inconvenient. Now, the question arises, how to unsubscribe from all these unwanted emails? Unsubscribing from all the unwanted emails is a simple task; you only have to click once! Once you are logged into your account, you have to go to the subscriptions option. You can see all the email subscriptions. Now, click on the unsubscribe button, and you will be free of all the spam mails. Lets see how to cancel emails on yahoo?

How To Cancel Emails On Yahoo?

Ways To Cancel Emails

You must take a few actions to unsubscribe, and they are fairly simple. 

Option 1

  • The first step is to log into your yahoo account. Now, open the mail and scroll to the bottom. There, you will see an unsubscribe option. After you click on it, you will be asked whether you’re sure you want to unsubscribe in a new window. A dialogue box will appear. Just click on “Yes”. 

Option 2

This one can be tricky, but it will save you a lot of time. 

  • As soon as you’ve signed onto your computer, go to Mails located in the right corner. At the bottom, you will see the “Subscriptions” option. 
  • Select “Subscriptions” from the menu. You can see the active and unsubscribed options. Select “Active” which will enable you to see all of your subscribed mail. Also, there will be an unsubscribe option, click on it, and you will be successfully opted out of any subscription.
  • The emails you unsubscribed from will be moved to the Unsubscribed folder, then you’ll be asked whether you’re sure you want to unsubscribe in a new window. To confirm, click “Yes, Unsubscribe”.

Option 3

There is another option besides manually unsubscribing from the emails. 

  • You can also use the Yahoo unsubscriber. These are email tools that give users a variety of features and assist them in unsubscribing from undesired Yahoo emails. 
  • However, several similar tools are available, each with its own characteristics. So, if you want one, go ahead and acquire one, but make sure it’s from a legitimate source.

You can unsubscribe from most emails this way, but there are a few that you won’t be able to unsubscribe from, such as emails from Yahoo about the changes in your account or some services. It can take up to ten days to no longer receive promotional emails once you unsubscribe.

Why Is It Important To Unsubscribe From Unwanted Emails? 

There’s another reason to unsubscribe from the emails besides that they’re useless. You get 1TB storage. It is a fairly huge storage space, and it will not be an issue even if you do not delete or unsubscribe from the emails. However, getting through the vital messages will be challenging if you have a lot of undesirable mail. So, while you’ll have plenty of storage space, you won’t have time to go through your mail. This is one of the most fundamental reasons why you should keep your mailbox clear of unwanted emails.

How To Unsend An Email?

You cannot stop the mail from reaching the recipient. It has happened to the best of us when we have sent the wrong email to the wrong account by accident. It can land you in an inconvenient situation. However, much to the disappointment, this feature to recall the sent email has yet to be implemented in yahoo. 


Promotional letters and spam emails are part of the daily routine, taking up the space. These junk and sales letters end up in your inbox, but you now know how to get rid of them. Follow the steps, and you don’t have to deal with clutters of emails in your mailbox.


  • For how long an inactive yahoo mail account remains active?

If you are not using your yahoo account, and if it has been more than twelve months, then your account will be permanently deleted. 

  • How can I retrieve the deleted email from yahoo?

After you have deleted an email, it goes from your primary mail to the trash folder. It will be there for seven days. In this seven days window, you can easily retrieve the deleted emails. After this window has passed, the emails will be permanently deleted. But if you still want to retrieve those deleted emails, you have to file a request with yahoo. 

  • How to activate the deactivate yahoo account?

You have thirty days to retrieve your Yahoo account after deactivating. You merely need to enter your yahoo account with your credentials to reactivate it. Remember that it will be permanently erased after thirty days.

  • How much storage does yahoo provide?

You receive 1TB of storage in yahoo. Also, the maximum file size for outgoing email is 25 MB, but you can use the large files option and send a file up to 100 MB. 

How To Cancel Emails On Yahoo?

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