How To Set Up a Plex Server?

Plex server makes your folder collection look good. Matching similar contents and storing each in a collection is why you need the Plex server but how do you set it up? It  will be addressed shortly. Setting up this server is just like doing the same for any other software. The difference is that for the Plex server, you will have to install apps on your devices after installing the server software. The server can work on almost any computer, the Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. It can also let multiple people at a time, which means that you will have to make the server more powerful. Without this, you might experience stutterings and an inability to play some content.

How To Set Up a Plex Server?

Setting up your plex server

Installing your Plex

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Step 1: Download the Plex Media for Windows from the browser 

Step 2: Run it as an administrator to launch the software 

Step 3: Sign up and create an account on Plex

Step 4: Name your files so they can be identified by plex

Step 5: You will get a confirmation mail to verify your account, after this you will be required to sign in with either your username and password or with your Google account.

Step 6: Give your server a name for easy identification in the plex apps and click next 

Step 7: The next thing is to set up your media by adding a library, this will contain similar content 

  • A library for movies, another for music e.t.c 
  • Start by creating a movie library

Step 8: After creating your movie library on plex, it will start to match the media files automatically

Step 9: You will keep getting notifications for every file matched 

Step 10: Create the rest of the libraries, for music and shows

Step 11: When creating the music library, you will be asked if you want a basic or premium library. Go for the free version for a start.

Step 12: You can either import from iTunes or use embedded tags using the Advanced option. If you already renamed your music use embedded tags.

Step 13: Add library after selecting your import location

Step 14: Click the ‘Next’ button after successfully adding your libraries. The Plex will keep matching your media files.

Step 15: This will completely depend on how many files it has to match. It takes a long time to match larger files.

Step 16: After it is done indexing, you will be taken to the Plex dashboard

Customizing the Plex Server

The Plex server can be customized to your taste before and even after you have started using it.

Using the setting icon, you can configure a lot of things. You can edit the name used for your flex.

You can watch your media folders and update your plex using the media icon on the left side of the window.

Using the scan library files link to manually scan contents from time to time.

Devices you can run Plex Media Server

1)NAS devices 

2)Windows, Mac, and Linux

3)Netgear Nighthawk X10routers

You can access your Plex server on;

  1. Android, iOs, and Windows
  2. Smart TVs like LG, Samsung, and Sony.
  3. Game consoles like Xbox 360, Play Station 3, and Play Station 4.

Benefits of Plex Server

1)It automatically matches your media library 

2)You can access every streaming service for free and still get good streaming quality.


Plex server is a very good media file. It allows you to stream all movies, music, and TV shows at no cost at all. The free version is as good. You can also modify all of your layouts. Setting up a plex server is so easy once you follow the guide step by step. You can also connect windows to your mobile devices so you can continue a movie or music from where you stop.


  • Question 1

What storage space do I need to run the Plex server on my Windows?

Plex server can run on a Core i3 processor with 2GB RAM. To enjoy powerful performance and to ensure that a lot of people can access your Plex server use the core i5 processor and 4GB of RAM.

  • Question 2

How much do I need to run a plex server?

To run a Plex server is free You can opt for the premium version, the Plex pass. This is $4.99 per month and $39.99 per year and you can pay $119.99 for unlimited use.

  • Question 3

Can I share the Plex server with my friends?

Yes, you can choose whether to share your content with friends or not.

You can select the server name to either grant access to a friend or unselect to choose individual libraries.

How To Set Up a Plex Server?

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