How To Watch The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl?

Founded in 1997, The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl transitioned from the name sports humanitarian bowl to uDrove humanitarian bowl before it was given the name “Idaho potato bowl” in 2011. let’s know How To Watch The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl?

How To Watch The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl?

The Idaho Potato Bowl is an annual football bowl competition for colleges that takes place each year at Albertsons Stadium, BSU in the state of Idaho. It’s usually held near the end of the year in December, which means it’s perfect for students who are interested in playing sports or for students that want to relax during the year ending…

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The famous Idaho potato bowl is broadcast live by ESPN, and you can watch the show on ESPN or its network family, that is, ESPN+, ESPN2, ESPN3, etc. Alternatively, you can purchase a ticket in the range of $65 – $20 if you want to view the match in person.

As the famous Idaho potato bowl is usually broadcast live on ESPN and its brand channels, here are the various options you can choose from to watch the Idaho potato bowl online through ESPN if you don’t have access to a cable or can’t be there in person. 

How to watch the famous Idaho potato bowl

  • Watching through FuboTV

To watch the Famous Idaho potato bowl via  ESPN through FuboTV, you have to ensure that you’re subscribed to their elite package which goes for a price of $79.99 monthly. And if you’re not so sure of this service, you can try out their 7 days free trial before subscribing to the elite package.

You don’t have to worry about device compatibility, because you can log into FuboTV with your credentials and watch ESPN  with a browser, phone, Roku, tablet, Samsung TV, XBOX One, Apple TV, Android tv, and even the Amazon fire TV

  • Watching through Vidgo

Vidgo proposes a Spanish or English plan, so if you’re Spanish you’re lucky because not many streaming services have this feature. You can access ESPN on this streaming service also by subscribing for a price of $55 monthly in addition to other 90+ channels.

 Vidgo is available on Amazon Fire TV, Android, Android TV, Apple TV, iOS, Roku

  • Watching through Sling TV

Watching your match via ESPN on the sling is cheaper compared to FuboTV because you can subscribe to their least expensive plan, the orange plan, and gain access to ESPN and its brand channels (ESPN3, ESPN2, etc) which goes for a price of $35. You should try the 3-day trial to check if the streaming service suits your taste.

You can access this streaming service on your browser, phone, tablet, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, Xbox One, Google Chromecast, Android tv, Amazon Fire TV, etc.

  • Watching through YouTube 

As YouTube Tv is one of the most diverse streaming services out there, it’s no surprise that you can stream ESPN, its brand channels, or your match directly on this service. With access to 80+ channels, you can stream ESPN for $69.99 monthly.

You should try out the 7-day free trial, even though it’s an irrefutable fact that this service is top-notch.

  • Watching through DirecTV 

Although DirecTV is a cable service provider, they also have a live TV streaming platform that allows you to watch shows or content like most streaming services. After downloading the DirecTV app, you’ll have to pay $69.99 monthly to watch ESPN services.

Regardless, DirecTV is quite the option because apart from the 5 days free trial for new subscribers, you can watch other ESPN services like SEC, LHN, ESPNU, ESPN2, ESPNews, etc if you subscribe to their “choice” package for $89.99.

This service is available on Amazon Fire TV, Roku tv, phones, Samsung TV, Android TV, etc

  • Watching through Hulu TV

Hulu is another streaming service that focuses on providing access to TV shows and movies. It gives access to over 75 national live channels with ESPN and its brand channels included for a price of $65 monthly. It has a free 7 days trial to check out its services.

You can access Hulu on Android, Google Chromecast, iOS,  Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, 4th Gen Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Firestick

  • Watching through the ESPN app

Using the ESPN app is quite helpful. The first advantage of using the ESPN app is that if you have a subscribed cable box like spectrum, sling,  DirecTV, Hulu live TV, etc you can automatically link your cable details and login to the ESPN app without having to pay fees – That is, provided that you’ve subscribed to your cable service provider beforehand.

The second advantage that comes with the ESPN app is that if your only focus is ESPN and you have no need for other networks, you can subscribe directly to the ESPN app to access their service.


If any of the above-mentioned streaming services don’t work for you, you can check your cable box, if you have one, to check if you have a channel preferably ESPN that allows you to watch the famous Idaho potato bowl.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the famous Idaho potato ticket?

Depending on where you’d love to seat during the match, the price of the ticket varies. According to 2021 ticket prices, If you’d love to go for the cheaper ticket which goes for $20, you’ll be given a seat at the end zone. And if you love a seat at the midfield or sideline, they go for a price of $65 and $50 respectively. A corner side seat 

How to watch the Cheez-It Bowl?

You can watch The Cheez-it bowl on your cable box or even on streaming services as it’s usually televised and aired by ESPN which is accessible on a variety of cable boxes and streaming services including Vidgo, sling, YouTube tv, Hulu, DirecTV, etc

How To Watch The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl?

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