Watch Every Jets Game Live Online Without Cable

Only a big fan of jet games will know how interesting the game is. The history of the jets football game started in 1959 bearing the name Titans Of New York. Their actual play started the following year. The team had little victory in its early year. After playing three seasons at the polo ground that’s when their name was changed to New York Jets, and today their games are being watched by millions of fans because of their success and quality play. Let us see how to watch every Jets game live online without cable.

Watch Every Jets Game Live Online Without Cable

Watch Every Jets Game Live Online Without Cable

Some people may be new to watching jet games and maybe finding it difficult or fans who are watching jet games may be having problems watching the game, well solutions will be highlighted in the article like what jet games are, how to watch jet games, where to watch jet games, watching jet games online without cable and more will be discussed in this article.

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Jet Football Game

The jet also called the Gang Green is a New York metropolitan area-based American football team created in 1959 as the New York titans. The New York jets, which is their current name was formed in 1963. The jets qualified for the first time to the playoffs in 1968 qualifying them for the super bowl all of which makes them become the first AFL club that defeated an NFL club in an NFL-AFL world championship game as they became victorious over the Baltimore Colts. The Jets have qualified for playoffs 13 times and the AFC championship 4 times. They recently posted to the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2010 and presently are in MetLife stadium. In the jets 60 season history, they have won a total of 408 games,500 losses, and 8 draws.14 post-season appearances have been made by the Jets and made an overall post-season record of 13 losses and 12 wins.

How To Watch Jet Games?

The only official way of watching all Jets games live online today is through the NFL game pass and the very best way to watch the unfolding of the season too. By making a subscription to a pro annual plan, you can access all NFL 272 games this season plus able to watch the playoffs and Super Bowl LVI. You can watch through the air, cable, and satellite TV on FOX, NBC, ESPN, CBS, NFL Network, NFL Red ZNFL, Direct TV NFL Sunday Ticket,, etc.

How To Watch Every Jets Game Live Online Without Cable?

The New York Jets football game can be watched online without cable with Live TV Streaming networks like Sling TV, fubo TV, Hulu Live TV, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Video Paramount Plus, Peacock Premium, or DIRECTV STREAM which contains a livestream of New York Jets matches. After this is done the New York Jets game can be watched live online on FOX, NBC, ESPN, CBS, and the NFL channel. The New York Jets game on NFL on FOX, NFL on CBS, Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football, and Thursday Night Football.

Cost Of Watching Every Jets Game Online Without Cable

Every jets game can be streamed if you live in the Jets broadcast region. The service costs $69.99 monthly. It supports a wide variety of devices such as 

  • Apple TV
  •  Google Chromecast
  •  Roku
  •  Android TV
  •  IPhone/iPad
  • Android phone/tablet
  • Mac
  •  Windows
  •  LG Smart TV, etc. 

Fubo TV provides over 90 channels as part of their services and supports a wide variety of devices too. AT&T TV provides 65 channels. Hulu Live TV provides 70 channels, YouTube TV 60 channels. Paramount Plus costs $4.99 after the 30-day free trial. Sling TV Blue package costs $35 monthly NFL red zone can be included as part of the sport extra ($15), Sling blue provides 40 channels as part of their services. 

How To Watch Jets Game Online Free?

To get free streaming access, CBS now provides a free trial of their Paramount Plus streaming network, so if the Jets game is available on CBS (searching local list), then it can be streamed live online for free today.


Thanks to live streaming network like fubo TV, Sling TV, Hulu Live TV, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Video, etc, which has provided an efficient and comfortable solution to New York Jets fans who want to watch every Jets game live online without cable, with the services provided by those live streaming network, both old and new lovers of Jets game can now watch their games online without stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get Access to the Jets Game Out Of Market?

With NFL Sunday Ticket, out-of-market fans can stream their games. Out-of-market fans can use a VPN like Express VPN or Nord VPN as an alternative to prevent location restrictions and watch the game anywhere on fubo TV.

Can I Get Access to the Jets On CBS All Access?

Yes, subscribers can livestream their local matches across devices all season.

Watch Every Jets Game Live Online Without Cable

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