What Channel is SEC Network on Spectrum?

When it comes to sports in the United States, the Southeastern College games have a unique spot for themselves. With several on-field and off-field dramas, the SEC has its viewers on their seats. Let us see what channel is SEC network on spectrum.

What Channel is SEC Network on Spectrum?

This has led to several partnerships between Tv operators – this including spectrum – and SEC, in a bid to increase profits generated from these views.

But, locating this SEC (alongside their channel number) in cable networks, such as spectrum, can be daunting. This has often led to the question, “What channel is SEC on the spectrum?”.

What Channel is SEC Network on Spectrum?

Presently, spectrum airs the SEC network in different states in the US. These states have different channel numbers for the NFL network. Ranging from Alabama to California, to Florida, the SEC network channel number on the spectrum differs per state. 

Nevertheless, you will have to be subscribed to either the Spectrum Silver package or the Spectrum Gold package, for you to gain access to the SEC channel. 

Keep reading as we explore more about this. But first, an overview of the Southeastern Conference Network.

Overview of SEC Network

The Southeastern Conference Network, popularly known as SEC, is a multinational network that airs sports. The network has its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States of America.

Being dedicated to covering college sports that have been legalized by the Southeastern Conference, the channel airs bother live and recorded events telecasts, analysis of matches, news, and programs that pay attention to the activities of its member schools.

Presently, the SEC Network has over a 69million subscribers more than any other sports network.

What is Spectrum TV?

Spectrum TV is a division of Charter Communications, under the company name Spectrum. The TV branch of Charter Communications delivers an assortment of cable TV collections for its users. You can also watch their TV if you don’t have cable. This, alongside their semi-exclusive TV shows, is a recent advancement.

Spectrum TV has been reported as the third hugest Pay-TV service provider in the US, as it is usable in 41 states.

What Channel is SEC Network on Spectrum?

As stated earlier, Spectrum emits the SEC network in several states in the US. As predicted, these states have unique channel numbers for the SEC network. Simply put, the SEC channel number on Spectrum, varies according to location.

Note that the schedule of SEC’s shows and programs remains the same across these states. Here is a list of some of the cities and the channel numbers allocated to them, for the SEC Network on Spectrum.

  • Birmingham, AL – 30 and 811
  • Charlotte, NC – 384
  • Cincinnati, OH – 64
  • Clearwater, FL – 72
  • West LA, California – 98
  • Ashford, Connecticut – 336
  • Orlando, Florida – 54
  • Arizona – 79

However, SEC Network is only available to users who have subscribed to spectrum’s packages. Keep reading to know more about these packages.

Spectrum Packages with NFL Network

As earlier stated, Spectrum TV only allows its subscribers on some packages, access to the NFL Network. These packages are either Spectrum Silver Package or Spectrum Gold Package. Spectrum Silver Package subscription price starts at $70 per month, while Spectrum Gold package subscription price starts at $90 per month.

Spectrum TV Channels

Apart from the NFL Network, there are also other channels on Spectrum. These channels include:

  • Paramount Network
  • CBS
  • FOX
  • NBC
  • FOX News Channel
  • ABC
  • Univision
  • CNN
  • ESPN
  • HGTV
  • Hallmark Channel
  • TBS
  • ION
  • TLC
  • TNT
  • Telemundo
  • Food Network
  • Discovery Channel
  • The CW
  • USA Network
  • INSP
  • Bravo
  • A&E
  • MeTV
  • Lifetime
  • Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
  • UniMas
  • Investigation Discovery
  • FX
  • TV Land
  • Syfy
  • AMC
  • WE TV

Top Programs on the SEC Network Channel

Some programs on the SEC channel have top-notch quality. This has increased the popularity of these channels. These channels include: 

SEC Nation

This program is for both information and entertainment, where you will get a preview of college football matches. These shows are repeated throughout the week.

SEC Rewind

SEC Rewind has been set aside for reliving popular college sports moments. All the major college sports are presented in a documentary layout.

SEC Storied

In terms of documentaries stories, SEC Storied stands out. You will be exposed to emphasis on different teams, behind-the-scenes, special footballing moments, and even athletes. 

SEC Football

With SEC Football, you can get live presentations of SEC games.


There is no denial of the magnitude of influence the National Football League has on American sports and the country as a whole. The whole country stands still when the Super Bowl is on. Viewers increase exponentially. This maximizes profit for entertainment providers, including cable TV operators.

As such, Cable TV operators such as Spectrum collaborate with the NFL Network to air the channel to their customers. However, there is always the issue of locating the channel number for the NFL Network. As stated earlier, the NFL network has been allocated different channel numbers, based on the state you are viewing from.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What channel allows you to watch NFL on Spectrum?

Presently, you are allowed to watch NFL on Spectrum if you have subscribed to any spectrum package (Spectrum Silver or Spectrum Gold).

  1. Can you watch NFL Network on Spectrum?

Just like every other program shown on Spectrum, Spectrum showcases uninterrupted NFL Network programs.

What Channel is SEC Network on Spectrum?

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