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What is Automate Finances”, and what are its implications in our financial lives? As the name says, automating means making an operation run automatically. We can achieve this with the help of machines or computers. We automated most of our financial transactions like paying salaries by companies or when you subscribe to services online using your credit or debit card. Let us learn about “Automate Finances”.

Automate Finances

Automated Financial Planning

Automated financial planning just simply setting up automatic payments to various essentials such as paying bills or investing a part of your income. Many websites or bots can help you execute this on the internet. These are ways to ensure that you do not miss out on payment of necessary services or default on your loans, which will affect your credit scores.

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How Do I Automate My Financial Life?

There are many reasons to automate their finances; managing your money can be an arduous activity that is often prone to errors and mistakes but with automation, you can save time, and increase the security of your finances. Things like saving for a wedding or a new home or retirement can be done effectively with the help of automation and leaves you with less worry. We will discuss these accounts you can automate:

Automate Bill Pay:

These necessities like rent, utility bills, loan repayments, and insurance can be automated to save you a lot of time you wouldn’t have to do them manually. With automated bill pay, you can achieve a lot of your bills with little hassle. Just check on your service providers to check if they have plans to help you pay your bills without going to their offices to pay them. This will help your creditworthiness and will help you focus on other important tasks.

Automate Savings:

This will help you be careful and consistent with your savings and if you automate your savings from your income. You won’t have to worry about reckless spending and forgetting certain months.

Automate Investment:

Some of your investments you can automat to buy and sell for you. There are known bots that can do this for you. All you have to do is set the parameters that you are going to be trading with so that everything runs smoothly and you can minimize your losses.

The following, however, are steps you can take to automate your account:

Sign up for automatic debits from your account: you can sign up with your creditors or service providers to debit your account automatically for the services they render to you. You can have your internet bills automated so that each month your account will be deducted.

Direct deposit to your employer: This involves directly getting deposits that are your income into your account and from there, you can automate different services that you will be using.

How Do I Automate My Investments?

There are many reasons you can consider when investing your funds in the market; they may invest to make a profit from the market for purposes such as vacation, retirement, buying a property, or any purpose at all. Some investments are short-term investments while others are long-term investments depending on you what your purpose for the money is to use. Here are ways you can automate your investment:

Low-Cost Index Funds:

With this, you can track the market in the direction it’s going, once you have a steady flow of cash that is poured into the market and invested properly.

Employer-Sponsored Retirement Account:

This is taking a percentage of your monthly income and deducting it automatically into your investment portfolio. They give these accounts tax breaks as they are retirement accounts.

Dividend Reinvestment Plans:

When your portfolios are doing well, you can reinvest the amount back into the market to purchase extra stocks. With this, you can ensure that your first investment is intact while your profit is working to make more profit for you.


There are many reasons you should automate your finances and they are necessary to help you manage and profit from it; from planning to wed or buy a home, or save for retirement; you can always have a backup automated means that helps you achieve all these. 

Frequently Asked Questions?
  1. What does it mean to automate my finances?

It means, in literal terms, to automatically make your money doing tasks you would normally do manually. This can vary from paying electricity bills to investing. When you automate your finances, you are working with your bank or employer to direct your funds to services that will automate payments for you.

  1. How do I automate all my bills?

There are some steps already laid out in this article; these include setting up the accounts, and ensuring you have your money first before you delegate the amount you want to pay bills and expenses or into investments.

Automate Finances -Know More

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