Cancel Google Fiber- Everything You Need to Know


Whether you are browsing from the cozy atmosphere of home or accessing it from public places, the ubiquitous technology of Wi-Fi has revolutionized our internet surfing experience. Let’s learn about ‘Cancel Google Fiber’.

Cancel Google Fiber

Cancel Google Fiber

Whether it is a price hike or any other reason, you may need to change their service or cancel it completely. so, there are multiple options to cancel your service. You can do it online by simply logging into your account or calling customer services to talk with them about raising a cancellation request.

Reasons for canceling:

1. Price hike

This is one of the crucial reasons why many customers are demanding the cancellation of service. As of now, there are two plans available which are, 1000 Mbps for the cost of70$ /month or, 50$ per month if you go for the 100 Mbps speed range.

2. Irregular service

Even if you pay a lot for your Wi Fi, the customers reportedly complained about having irregular and inconsistent services. This can also be a potential factor in switching your fiber service.

3. Competition in Market

Some companies are providing more affordable plans at the same speed and age, and because of this Google fiber faces a lot of competition in the market. This also drives it to lose its customers.

How to Cancel Google Fiber?

Currently, You can cancel your Google fiber service online or through other methods like call, live chat option, email, etc.

Here you should note that you can cancel your service online only if the service has yet not been installed. If you already had the service, then there is only one option left for you to cancel. That is, to contact the customer care service requesting them to cancel the service.

Here is the step-by-step option to cancel your service-

1. Sign-In to Your Google Fiber Account

The first step you need is to log in to your account. Use your username and password, if the password is forgotten, click forget the password to make a new one.

2. Go to Your Profile

After successful login, you now need to head on to the profile page. Here you see many details like your account number, email address, mobile number, five-digit Google Fiber security pin, etc.

3. Look for the Cancel Google Fiber option

On your profile page, you will find the option to cancel your account. Once you got it, click on it to continue.

4. Finish the Process

After you have agreed to cancel your account, you will need to re-verify your account information again, before you finally proceed to cancel.

Many dialog boxes will appear containing information about your account and service, click on continue every time to finalize the process.

5. Return the equipment

Once you completed your online process, you now need to return all of the equipment you lease from Google. According to the cancellation policy, customers are given a period of a maximum of 60 days to return their equipment. If you have not returned it within this period, be ready to pay a hefty amount as liability fees. You will be charged as much as $300 for the storage box and $200 for the network box.

You may pack the devices in the original packaging material or in anything you have. 

If you have multiple devices consider wrapping them all together to make a single package that makes shipping easy.

You can use USPS or FedEx courier services to return your equipment. But, don’t forget to print and attach the return label on the packaging box before shipping.

Alternatively, you can drop the package off at the nearest store, if available in your area or at a reasonable distance from your house.

Another cancellation process

If the above method doesn’t seem working for you, there are some other options available for you.

If there is a technical issue or something of that kind, you may contact customer support. There are multiple options to contact them like a phone call, live chat, email, etc.

Reach their customer service for Residential number at (866)-777-7550 or, Business number at (855)-418-8326.

If you have opted for the live chat option, keep your fiber security pin handy, as it will require canceling the service. You also need to enter your name and email address before the chat gets initiated.


To cut a long story short, whatsoever your reason, you have always an option to cancel your plan through some easy steps as described in this article. This also deserves mention that you should be careful about paying outstanding bills before you cancel, choose a date before the next cycle of months starts, etc for a smooth process. Remember to return the equipment as well within 60 days as it can save you a huge amount of money being charged. So, be careful about such things and continue to enjoy other services of Google or switch to another ISP provider.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can You Cancel Google Fiber Online?

Ans:- yes, you can cancel your account subscription online. You can also call them to discontinue your services.

  • Are there any early termination fees?

Ans:- no, there are no early termination fees. When you cancel, the outstanding bill will automatically add up to your account you have to be paid at the end of the month.

Cancel Google Fiber- Everything You Need to Know

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