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Have you ever wondered how cool it would be to travel for free? That’s what Space-A offers—well, mostly free flights, anyway. Sadly, this only applies to family members of service members. Space-A provides special privileges from the United States Code, title 10, section 4744. Uniformed service members can enjoy this access provided their travel plans fall within the aircraft’s destination. Let us know about “Space A Travel”

Space A Travel

What Is Space-A Travel?

Space-A is entirely known as Space-available. It has its roots in the code, which states that “officers and members of the Military Departments, and their families, when space is available, may be transported on vessels operated by any military transport agency of the Department of Defence.”

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Whenever seats are available on an aircraft, members of the different service divisions in the country and their family members can be granted access to travel for free, provided they have met all requirements. This same privilege is also extended to retired members of the military.

What Are The Criteria For Getting Access To Space-A Travels?

The term “service members” can be extensive, involving much personnel. Therefore, only a specific military branch is eligible for the Space-A travel program. They include; the United States Navy, the Army, Air Force, Public Health Services, Marine Corps, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

A considerable factor affecting eligibility to board a Space-A travel flight is the availability of flight seats and whether or not a military crew needs seats for mission-related purposes. However, individuals are categorized according to their status and travel situation. The different categories include;

Category I

This category is reserved for emergency leave travel. This category of people usually includes US citizens and DOD civilian employees available abroad. It also covers military family members with sponsors stationed at emergency exists abroad and active American Red Cross members serving with the US military.

Category II

Category 2 covers accompanied Environmental and Morale Leave (EML) with sponsors and accompanied family members.

Category III

Trips like; ordinary leaves, service members, house hunting, and temporary duty. This category also covers unaccompanied service members deployed for more than 365 days.

Category IV

This category is for uniformed service members who are retired and living in areas owned by the United States or in commonwealth nations. And they have to be travelling for health care services accompanied by a dependent.

Category V

This category covers student travel and post-mobilization. This category also includes unaccompanied members dependent on service members outside the US.

Category VI

Category VI is available to individuals within the bay area, Cuba, and similar countries. This category includes military retirees and veterans who are disabled permanently with a service-related condition.

Important Points About Space-A

Space-A travel is an exciting opportunity. It provides ease and makes moving to different parts of the world an adventure for service members. However, individuals must consider several points to understand how Space-A travel works.

1. Cross-Checking Routes And Destinations:

Different bases have different routes and destinations. There are also various locations where Space-A travel is available, including their standard terminals and flight information. Interestingly, there are group and confluence spots where travel information can be gotten. For specific locations, a combination of transport systems is used to arrive at the desired location.

2. Remember To Travel In Less Congested Seasons:

For example, trips taken during school holidays and public breaks are generally busy. Therefore, scheduling trips during less popular times would increase your chances of getting a space for space-A travel.

3. There Are Considerable Benefits To Getting A Military Job:

The common feature of these is how affordable—free—they are. Because military planes are more prominent than regular commercial planes, a Space-A travel flight offers more comfort and room to spread out than flying commercially. But above all, the convenience of accessing and using the amenities of each military base is one to look forward to. However, the disadvantage of unpredictability can mar the entire experience. There is also almost no guarantee of getting seats.


The Space-A travel program accords military personnel, retired service members, and other eligible individuals the privilege of catching flights to different locations for free, provided there are available seats on mission-bound aircraft. Space-A requires a lot of planning, preparation, and flexibility. Learning about the processes and requirements to get this flying privilege is always worth it since it combines affordable flights and adventure all in one experience.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What would a regular Space-A traveller recommend to new flyers?

The most important lesson is to have a backup plan. This is because of the unpredictability of the space-A travel schedule. Also, ensure to take out time and study the entire travel procedure.

  1. What’s another term for Space-A travel?

Space-A travel is often referred to as “military hops.”

  1. Is Space-A travel currently available?

Initially, the government placed restrictions on Space-A travel; however, as of April 22, all formerly placed restrictions have been lifted. 

Space A Travel -Know More

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