Does Aldi Freeze their Bread?- Know More About It

Aldi’s is best known for its low prices, Aldi also has an incredible selection of fresh produce and grocery items that can compete with the biggest chains in the country—and that includes their freshly baked bread. It turns out that the reason their loaves taste so good is that Aldi actually freezes the bread prior to selling it to customers! Here’s how the freezing process works, and why freezing bread makes it last longer. Let’s know more about,” does Aldi freeze their bread?”.

Does Aldi Freeze their Bread

Most of us don’t have time to make our own bread from scratch each week—plus, no one has time to do all that kneading! Aldi carries frozen bread, pizzas, and pastries. Their frozen bread is generally pretty high quality for a low price and I’d recommend them if you have a small kitchen without room for fresh bread. Plus, they can be added to any online Aldi order for $1 each (if you’re an Aldi shopper) making it easy to try out new flavors without breaking your grocery budget. Aldi also sells pre-made pizza dough in their refrigerated section which is something we make quite often when we’re in a hurry or don’t feel like baking our own crust.

Aldi Freezing Their Bread

Aldi has been making headlines recently due to their practice of freezing their fresh-baked bread. While there is some controversy over whether or not it’s actually good for you, it appears that Aldi stores in colder climates do freeze their baked goods (contrary to what many believed). The issue really isn’t with freezing bread—it’s with eating so much of it. For example, in France, a country known for its healthy diet and lifestyle, people consume about 44% more whole grains than Americans but consume less than half as much processed foods. The German supermarket chain Aldi has been accused of freezing its bread in order to extend its shelf life. This practice is not illegal, but many consumers are concerned about the quality of the bread if it has been frozen.

Aldi has denied these allegations, stating that their bread is fresh and of the highest quality. However, some experts say that Aldi’s bread does not taste as fresh as bread from other supermarkets and that the bread’s texture is indicative of freezing and thawing.

Other Brands Relying on Freezing

Aldi isn’t alone in its bread freezing habit. According to food industry experts, it’s actually a common practice among many store-bought bread brands, including Kroger and Publix. While these retailers have yet to come out and say that they freeze their loaves, it is likely done on a large scale because frozen bread lasts longer than fresh bread. As such, when you buy a loaf of bread from Kroger or Publix, chances are very good that you could be eating something frozen. So if you feel like your favorite grocery store chain gives you way too much freezer burn with every loaf of bread they sell, know that it could be them doing exactly what Aldi does: keep on buying and reusing those same old loaves!

How Did They Discover This? Unwrapping the Truth About Aldi’s Freezing their Bread

When you take the bread out of a freezer, it tastes just like it came from a fresh loaf, says Aldi spokeswoman Danielle Thomas. This is because we let our bread rest for 48 hours and then wrap it in aluminum film. By freezing bread for two days before putting it on store shelves, Aldi effectively matures its loaves and gets rid of excess moisture. This results in fresh bread for twice as long as non-frozen varieties—five days instead of two. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible for bread at Aldi to be fresh. 

The risks and benefits of freezing fresh food 

While Aldi’s approach isn’t necessarily a bad one, freezing bread introduces risk in two ways. The first is freezer burn, which occurs when moisture in food evaporates into dry ice crystals and leaves behind a hardened, stale crust. Secondly, freezing can degrade fats and oils in food—so frozen bread that has been sitting around for a while may have significantly less flavor than bread straight from your oven. Still, there are some benefits of freezing certain fresh foods—like meats or fresh herbs—if you do it right. Check out our guide to learning how to freeze foods properly so that they taste just as good (or better) once thawed as when they were fresh.


The grocery store industry has known for years that freezing bread preserves it. But, up until now, Aldi has kept their practice under wraps—likely in an effort to prevent competitors from copying their winning recipe. But one thing is clear: they’re doing something right! After tasting both a fresh and frozen loaf of Aldi bread (then blind testing a panel of 10 people), our volunteers overwhelmingly preferred the texture and taste of Aldi’s frozen bread over its fresh counterpart. Aldi’s bread freezing practices are controversial, but the company denies that its bread is Frozen. While some experts say that Aldi’s bread does not taste as fresh as bread from other supermarkets and that the bread’s texture is indicative of freezing and thawing, the German supermarket chain insists that its bread is fresh and of the highest quality.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. The icing on the cake?  Aldi’s price point was significantly better than other grocery stores as well—especially when it came to frozen goods like meat, cheese, and produce.
  2. Aldi secret?

            Aldi spends less money on overhead by stocking fewer products overall and storing those products in less energy-intensive freezers

Does Aldi Freeze their Bread?- Know More About It

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