When Is Planet Fitness Least Busy?

While the rest of the world sleeps, you can enjoy a stress-free workout. According to Fitbit data, gyms are less busy between 5-6 and 7-8 a.m. it is no exception to this is because, many times, people prefer to work out after their work hours which is mainly in the evening. Let’s us know When Is Planet Fitness Least Busy?

When Is Planet Fitness Least Busy?

However, the fact that might be hidden from people is that it is mostly less busy.

During this article, you’ll find out the time and durations of the least busy periods in Planet Fitness.

When Is The Least Busy Time At Planet Fitness?

You might want to avoid a long wait and visit the gym when it’s less busy. It is a colossal franchise and it is not unusual to have queues of people waiting outside the doors. This section has been carefully drafted to clarify the least busy time in Planet Fitness.

The least busy time is obvious from the analysis in the section before this. Funny enough,It is less busy most of the time.

 The least busy time would be after 8:30 am when most people are at their desks in their various workplaces and anytime after 5:30 when they might have returned from work. It might not be as busy during these hours because people like to come in the morning to work out before they head to work or in the evening after dinner. So it depends on what your schedule looks like and what your goals are for when you’re at Planet fitness. Judging from this, the busiest hours would be before 8:30am and after 5:30pm till 7:00pm.

Also, there are certain times when It is not as busy as others such as during the summer months when schools aren’t back from the holidays or during the holiday season when people are traveling or shopping. The only time that it may be busier is during the winter months when people are trying to lose weight before Spring.

Planet Fitness

It is a 24-hour gym that is open all 365 days of the year. It’s popular for its cardio and weight training machines and with it’s ever increasing number of equipment is able to cater for a large number of people . It is a growing web and has clubs comprising people whose health and fitness are a priority. Planer Fitness often prides itself on the ‘No Judgement Zone’- depicting its readiness to help beginners without making them feel out of place.

Planet Fitness Membership

It is cheap and affordable for anyone. You could with free membership access when you pay a down of $10 and then graduate to $10 monthly. With just $10, you would be afforded several other goodies such as

  •  Unlimited WIFI
  • You get to be fitness tutored free of charge.
  • You could come with a friend who had no membership
  • You could go work out at any Planet Fitness in any country.
  • Massage chairs are available
  • Hydro-massage.
  • A 50% slash off your select drinks.

When Is Planet Fitness Open?

They are open from 6 am to 10 pm on weekdays and from 7 am to 9 pm on weekends. 

It has two core values which are “affordable and convenient”. As a result of this, they are always open. However, this does not mean that you could go to work out by 2 am. Members who keep their eyes peeled for the signs will know just when to start heading in for the day or night workout even though Planet fitness’ closing time and opening time are announced and posted on their website.

Where Is Planet Fitness Located?

As their name implies, It might be looking to take over the planet earth by having over 2,200+ branches and members spilling over a ten million of them. 

When do Planet Fitness locations close?

The company closes at 10:00 PM on weekdays and 11:00 PM on weekends.

Its opening time is also variable. It can be 7 am, 8 am or even 9 am depending on the day of the week and the location. 


Why Planet Fitness? If you need to lose weight on a budget in a friendly environment that doesn’t judge you because you’re just getting acquainted with the equipment and all, Planet Fitness might just be the best for you. Planet Fitness is best for beginners.


  1. Who Is The Owner Of Planet Fitness?

In the year 1992, Michael and Marc Grodahl started the company, Planet Fitness. But it’s headed by Chris Rondeau who joined the company after a year of its existence and served at its premier location in Dover. Now, he heads the company as the Chief Executive Officer and it’s no doubt expanding under his supervision.

When Is Planet Fitness Least Busy?

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