Benefits Of Serving The Country-Military And Veteran Travel Discount

Some travel discounts might be immaculate, while few may not be worthy, and others may be difficult to track down. Few travel agencies provide military travel discounts and may have criteria like active-duty members on official military orders can only get a military discount.Let us know Benefits Of Serving The Country-Military And Veteran Travel Discount.

Benefits Of Serving The Country-Military And Veteran Travel Discount

What are military and veteran discounts? 

Benefits Of Serving The Country, Military members serve their life for the security and freedom of the country. The word Thank You does not seem enough for what they did and have done for the country; therefore, thousands of stores have offered military discounts to active soldiers, retirees, and veterans to show appreciation. In some cases, their family may be eligible for a discount too. All branches of the United States military can enjoy discounts that include



Coast Guard


Air Force

Space Form

Gold Star Families

Veterans of all branches


All military reserves and National Guard  

Armed Force Travel Programme

Traveling can be expensive. The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) announced the Military and Veteran Discount a couple of years ago, which can save a large sum of money. Before the announcement, only active duty, National Guard, reservists, their family members, and DOD civilians were eligible for this discount offer. 

Discount on Airfare

You may not be able to find this discount on a travel website. You must browse the airline’s website or call customer service to confirm the facility. As mentioned above,Benefits Of Serving The Country most airlines offer discounts to active-duty military members, which may not be worthwhile. You may find better deals on the discount travel website.

  • American Forces Travel

The American Forces Travel offers military and veteran discounts on booking their leisure travel and vacation offsite via its service provider, Priceline. Military travelers might get 80% off on the cruise package, 60% savings on hotel rooms and a discount on car rentals of $10-18 per day or up to $350. It often provided discount packages on airfare, hotels and car rentals.

The AFT launched Morale, Welfare and Recreation programs for everyone, including military services, and the facility is 24/7. Last month, the AFT organized the National Park Service’s website, where you could pick a park in America and plan your trip. The eligible one should get an America the Beautiful Military Pass, which was available for all active-duty, National Guard, Reserve and Coast Guard members, veterans and gold star family members.

You must remember to bring your military ID card as evidence of military affiliation. The discounts may differ depending on the location and service provider.

  • Delta

Delta offers Special U.S. Military policies with Delta Vacations and other facilities. They provide a free checked military bag allowance with early boarding and allow pets to travel, but they must be booked as pets at least 48 hours before arrival. It offers a discounted military medical emergency flight and is available when a service member or family member is injured. To get this service, one must provide evidence about their relationship with a Military member. It is the Delta crew’s way of saying thank you for their service and protection.

  • Armed Force Vacation Club

AFVC is a military tour operator which offers over 20% discounts on resort expenses. That can save money on travel by taking this offer. 

Another simple way is to sign-up for a travel newsletter or mailing list- you get notified about military discounts on travel and hotel stays.

  • Mobile Apps for Military and Veteran Discount

Different mobile apps launched for them to know the discounts on products and services. The Official DoD App offers military and veteran discounts from various businesses. It had manufactured by the Department of Defense and supported Android and iOS devices. Military & Veterans Discount apps also searched for off from trades over the United States. Another one is the Troop Id, which offers discounts on food, travel, entertainment and many more and is supported by Android and iOS devices. Last but not least, the Good Sam Club RV Travel & Saving Guide provides discounts to active-duty military members and veterans who use RVs. The Good Sam Club has an online directory as well.

  • Military Hops: Space-A flight

Looking for cheap airfare. A military flight: Flying space- available aka Space-A can be an economic and most adventure to see the world. To attend this flight, we must make a flexible schedule. This flight is only available when there is an extra seat after the fulfillment of all required passengers and cargo. As these are military, not commercial, the mission is always the priority. Before making a reservation for Space-A, you should be aware of the passenger terminal’s flight schedule. A schedule is available from military passenger terminals.

Final Words

The information provided above is only limited to military and veteran travel discounts. These promotional offers can be one of the ways to save money mostly for the military, veterans and their family members. If you are thinking about taking this deal, it is best to educate yourself first. Hopefully my explanation will help you to better understand the military and veteran travel discounts wisely.

Benefits Of Serving The Country-Military And Veteran Travel Discount

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