Life Waterfront Cities Surprisingly Affordable

A waterfront city is a place or a piece of land that is surrounded by or is alongside a waterbody like a riverside, lakeside, harbor, dock, seafront, etc. Waterfront cities are very popular in the US because of their aesthetics, creative amenities, history, and culture. The demand for waterfront properties is high but there is not much buildable land available which limits the supply, hence the properties are expensive here. Let us know about that the Life Waterfront Cities Surprisingly Affordable.

Life Waterfront Cities Surprisingly Affordable

Waterfront properties are very expensive in the US, especially beach properties. But, there are a few waterfront cities in the US that are affordable including St. Paul, Theodore, Chicago, Tampa, Port Arthur, Ocean Springs, Pensacola, Biloxi, Jamestown NY, Cleveland, etc.

Best Affordable Waterfront Cities In The US

St. Paul, Minnesota 

St. Paul is located near the Mississippi river and is surrounded by 22 lakes. Recreational activities are going on 365 days of the year, with great parks & museums, good job opportunities, and affordable properties. St. Paul’s cost of living is more affordable to live in than Minneapolis and has better housing value & options.

The transportation is cheap with environmentally conscious transport such as bike sharing programs, pedestrian plans, electric vehicle mobility program & Green Line metro light rail functional 24×7 connecting Minneapolis & St. Paul. The median home value here in the capital city is around $178,000.

Theodore, Alabama

Theodore, Alabama is a Mobile County that has the lowest cost of living in the United States and high household income. There are many parks, calm & relaxing sites of nature, eight trails for bird-watching which are accessible all year round, and some of the oldest Madri Gras celebrations. The median home value in Theodore is $177,400 and the average cost of living is $21,992. 


Chicago has the country’s second-largest transportation system that makes public transport very convenient, an incredible food scene, affordable utilities, and many options for entertainment like food-music-film festivals, comedy clubs, and happening nightlife & clubs. Chicago is much more affordable than cities like New York or San Francisco. The median salary in Chicago is $58,247 and the median home value is $273,949. 

Tampa, Florida

Tampa is the economic center of Florida and has a high flow of tourists because of the good weather, Gulf Coast beaches, and countless activities for everyone. Public transportation here is affordable & excellent, different types of foods are available, and health care facilities are great. Tampa has a lower cost of housing than the national average with the average price of a house being $255,000 and the median household income being $54,599. 

Port Arthur, Texas

Port Arthur is in Jefferson County and has the largest oil refinery in the US. Port Arthur is known for its long summer and short winter. The average house sale price in Port Arthur is $127,917, the median home price is $303,674, and the median income is $36,690.

Ocean Springs, Mississippi 

Ocean Springs is a very calm city in Jackson County, Mississippi but also has great restaurants, bars & cafes, and is well known for its art community. This city hosts several festivals has several art galleries & shops and has a subtropical climate. The average home sale price here is $221,917, the median home value is $173,100, and the median household income is $58,713. 

Pensacola, Florida 

Pensacola is the most affordable town in Florida and is famous for its blue beaches, vibrant shopping, culture, and National Naval Aviation Museum. Transportation and healthcare are fairly affordable here but utilities are a bit expensive. The median home price here is $352,578 and the average home sale price is $240,417. The median household income is $56,199.

Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland is in Cuyahoga County and on the southern side of Lake Erie. Cleveland is famous for its vibrant art & culture, musical history, impressive healthcare, and sports. Public transportation here is affordable & reliable but utilities are a bit expensive. The land here is cheaper and hence the property prices are affordable. The median home value here is $287,930 and the average salary is $52,142.

Biloxi, Mississippi

Biloxi is on the Gulf of Mexico and is famous for its casinos, a very old Biloxi lighthouse, seafood industry, maritime history, and blue water beaches. Transportation is fairly affordable but health care is a bit expensive here. The median house value here is $246,500 and the median household salary is $44,972.

Jamestown, New York

Jamestown is in Chautauqua County in New York with Lake Erie to its North and Allegheny National Forest to its south. Transportation is very affordable here with most of the people using private transport and health care is affordable too. The median home value in Jamestown is $71,437 and the median household income is $33,509.


The cost of living in a city with a waterfront is often expensive but there are many affordable options as well. The property rates are often the most troublesome in such cities but with proper research & hiring, reliable agents help you get an affordable one. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is the median house value?

The median value of a house is the middle point of real estate prices. 

  1. Which waterfront city is the most expensive in the US?

Malibu is the most expensive beach city in the US.

Life Waterfront Cities Surprisingly Affordable

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