Why Can’t I Do My Homework? 

Homework is an essential part of our academic life. One might think that Homework is boring because it includes repetition of the work done in the classroom, solving textbook questions, giving a presentation on a topic, and various other tasks. These tasks help you retain and practice the topic and make it easier when exams approach. Not being able to finish your homework daily might be stressful in the long run and in your everyday life too. Who would like to get scolded by the teacher? It is embarrassing as a student. There might be many reasons you are not able to complete your homework on time. From lesser sleep time to dysfunctional routine many reasons hamper your productivity. 

Why Cant I Do My Homework?

Why Can’t I Do My Homework? 

One of the biggest distractions as a student can be your social media accounts. People binge-use it for many hours not realizing that they have wasted their most precious and productive time and time left for homework might be less or one might be tired after an exhaustive use of his or her phone or maybe you don’t feel like doing it and start procrastinating. Once you start procrastinating, your work starts piling up to the extent that you cannot complete it on time. 

Today, most youths are victims of pop culture which make them the least productive. Here, the article is not suggesting you not to enjoy your day and life. Of course, enjoying your life at the cost of your career and productivity can make you miserable and render you useless in the field in which you wish to enter. It hurts your health both mentally and physically. But, if you follow a disciplined life, prioritize your work, and minimize distractions, you can increase your productivity and finish all your tasks. 

The article explores a few reasons why you aren’t able to finish your work. 

  •  A dysfunctional routine 

Early to bed and early to rise to make a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. These sayings are not some old-school rhetoric that cannot be ignored.

 A disciplined routine makes you very productive in your field. Plan and follow a routine. Simplify and prioritize your tasks and add them to your routine.

 It should be productive rather than making it perfect.

Start your routine work with simple and interesting tasks which will help you build momentum in your productivity and tasks. 

  • Lack of nutrition 

Nutrition is an important part of our life. It helps us maintain our body and mind; unless you have a healthy body and mind you can’t perform your day-to-day activities, which include your homework.

 Lack of nutrition leads to lower concentration levels, and poor focus, you soon get exhausted and the whole day goes into breaks and rest.  

Take a balanced diet, which contains all essential vitamins and minerals that help your body and mind to function better. 

  • Lack of interest in studies  

It is understandable that not everyone one is into studying. We all have our interests and passion to follow. 

But since school and colleges are an essential part of our life, it is necessary to give them relevant attention to suffice your basic academic needs without sacrificing your other areas of interest.

 Therefore, it is required to pay attention to academics and passion equally.

  • Procrastination 

Procrastination is fatal to any work, be it homework, office projects, or any person working in any area of interest.

 you can manage our work by breaking it into smaller tasks. And award yourself after the work is completed.  

  • Distractions – smartphones and social media 

This is one of the most challenging things to overcome. Once a person starts using his or her smartphone there’s no looking back.

 Once you start prioritizing your work, it will not only help you to complete your task but also allow you to spend your leisure time.


We can complete our work if we prioritize work, follow a planned and productive routine, minimize distractions, avoid procrastination and pay attention to our nutrition intake. 

Frequently asked question  

  • How can you make a perfect routine? 

You should make a productive routine by prioritizing your tasks. It should be simple and well planned. Start the day with your favorite topic.

  • How many hours should you give? 

It entirely depends upon your productivity. If you are not productive at your work, break your work into smaller tasks. Take sufficient breaks. 

  • What type of nutrition should you take? 

Consume home-based meals and avoid junk food. Eat fruits and nuts. simple and nourishing home food is always better

  • How do you enhance your productivity even more? 

Add meditation and yoga to your routine. These are stress relievers and productivity enhancers. It is now a proven fact that meditation and yoga are one of the best tools to enhance our productivity.

 All the best.

Why Can’t I Do My Homework? 

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