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Dutch Bros is a famous American coffeehouse founded by Travis and Dane Boersma in 1992. The Oregon-based coffee shop is highly known for its flavored drink combinations. From cold brews to Dutch-inspired beverages, they are especially known for their variety of drink combinations for everyone. Let us know about “About Dutch Bros”

About Dutch Bros

Sometimes staying in the comfort zone by ordering the usual grande latte would be your go-to drink. But, it never hurts to try something new. Everybody loves a good change once in a while, and here, I will mention the secret menu of Dutch Bros, the price of the regular beverages, and give you some insight into their rewards program. 

The Secret Menu At Dutch Bros

Bob Marley is a combination of chocolate, coconut, and banana. It is served in all sorts of coffee of your choice.

 Christmas Morning White Chocolate Breve Chai is a combination of white chocolate blended with your tea. It is unique but for sure worth a try! 

Vanilla Chai with raspberries

It is a tasty vanilla chai with a splash of fresh raspberries to give you a tasty and refreshing feeling. 

Shark Attack Rebel Energy Drink

It is a good energy drink made with a combination of blue raspberries, coconut, pomegranate, and lime. If you feel tired and need a refreshing and healthy drink, this should be your next item on the wishlist. 

Majestic Forest

This is yet another refreshing drink made with kiwi, blackberries, and blue Raz, which can be added to any lemonade drink, or tea. 

Tropical Chai

It is a refreshing tea made with a blend of passion fruit, coconut, and blue raspberries. It is served both hot and cold. 

King Of Leon

This drink is double-blinded with kiwi, lime, and orange. It is usually topped with wildberry syrup on top. 

Caramel Eggnog Latte

This flavour is one of the best ones if you need a good cup of freshly blended hot coffee usually topped with whipped cream and cinnamon nutmeg. 

Fleck White Chocolate Chai

You already know this is a mouth-watering white chocolate chai usually topped with whipped cream and cinnamon nutmeg sprinkled on the top. 


It is a great cup of cappuccino made with a good blend of white chocolate sauce, cinnamon syrup, and chocolate macadamia nutmeg syrup.

 Dirty Caterpillar Drink

A nicely blended drink made with green apple and caramel, topped with whip cream and caramel syrup.

  •  White Mocha is a cold brew drink that everyone loves. It is a white chocolate mocha, served cold and hot. 
  • Palm Beach

It is a fresh lemonade made with a blend of pomegranate and peach. It is a relaxing and refreshing drink that mentally takes you to a calm beach. 

Rays Of Sunshine

On sunny days, this should be another go-to drink of yours made with grapefruit, peaches, and blackberries. 

White Dutch

It is a Dutch-inspired drink made of white chocolate topped with white frosting on the top. Island Breve It is a smoothly blended shake made with chocolate macadamia nut syrup, coconut, and vanilla syrup. 

Gummy Bear Soda

It is one of the unique drinks made with pomegranate, watermelon, passion fruit, and grapefruit. Although the name may sound otherwise, the drink is quite healthy and yummy to be called an energy drink before work. 

Tiger Blood Lemonade

Though it may sound like a very spicy and strong drink, it is a unique drink made with coconut lemonade and strawberry. 

  • Golden Eagle It is quite like a regular caramel macchiato, but an upgraded version. It is a freshly blended coffee made with caramel and vanilla flavour. 
  • Trifecta Freeze

Trifecta freeze is another beverage made with white or dark chocolate, which is usually also blended with caramel, and topped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup drizzling. There are a lot of varieties in their cold-brewed drinks, chai lattes, and white or dark chocolate drinks. You can go to the counter and request the barista to help you out in customizing a nicely blended drink of your choice from their secret menu. 

Prices Of All Hot And Iced Drinks 

  • Extra Shot – $0.50
  • Almond or Soy Milk – $0.50
  • White Chocolate Mocha (Small- $3.00, Med- $3.50, Large- $4.50)
  • Chai Tea (Small- $3.00, Med- $3.50, Large- $4.50)
  • Dutch Freeze (Small- $3.50, Med- $4.50, Large- $6.50)
  • Rebel Energy Drink Blue (Small- $3.50, Med- $4.50, Large- $6.50)
  • Dutch Soda and Tea (Small- $1.75, Med- $2.25, Large- $3.00)
  • Americano (Small- $1.50, Med- $2.00, Large- $3.00) All usual beverages of small size start from $3 and go up to $4 for large-sized cups. 

Does Dutch Bros Have A Reward Program? 

Yes! Dutch Bros offers a reward program for customers who register through the official app online. Visit the nearby restaurant, order your favourite drink, and scan while paying. By just downloading the app, you can earn 125 points and keep scanning through it on each purchase to get a free drink of 350 points. When you register for your birthday, you get a free drink of any size and also get 50% off on your half birthday, which usually appears only after 6 months from your actual birthday. To enjoy the benefit of your birthday, download the app so the birthday offer lasts up to 30 days. 


Dutch Bros. is well known for its loyalty programs and its great customer service. They always go out of their way to help their customers and make sure each of them is satisfied and happy. To redeem all the points on each purchase, download their app now and make sure to register your birthday. This way you can also request the barista to offer you your favourite drink from the secret menu on your special day for free. 

About Dutch Bros -Know More

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