Become a Shipt Shopper- Let’s Know More

Getting a side hustle is another way of making that extra cash. You can get that by working as a shopper for Shipt. Customers like the convenience of having their orders delivered straight to their homes. As a hustler, you will appreciate the opportunity of earning additional money while working as a shopper delivering groceries at the hours you desire. In this article, we’ll show you how to become a Shipt shopper.  

Become a Shipt Shopper

Qualifications for becoming a Shipt shopper 

Shipt is specific about their shopper criteria, which you should review before applying. However, these requirements are very simple to meet, and if you’re currently working or you have an experience as a delivery person earlier, you should have no trouble.

Know the states where Shipts works before applying. The prerequisites are simple to satisfy if Shipt operates in your state. 

Shipt shopper requirements: 

  • You must be at least 18 years old 
  • You must provide a valid driver’s license and vehicle insurance of your own in the United States.  
  • You must have a working and dependable vehicle from the 1997 model upward 
  • To be able to deliver items successfully or take supermarket orders, you must be familiar with grocery stores, goods, and items. 
  • You must be cable enough to lift 45 pounds of goods. 
  • A smartphone, an iPhone (iOS 10 or higher), or an Android (5.1 or higher).  
  • You must reside in the United States, in one of many cities where Shipt operates 
  • You must have passed a comprehensive background check 
  • You much have an insulated cooler bag on hand. 

What do Shipt shoppers do?  

Shipt shoppers are paid to shop for goods and deliver them to Shipt customers. Shipt is an excellent side business for anybody looking for an extra source of cash. It is also good for people who want to be their boss and work on their preferred time or schedule.  

They deliver grocery requests that are placed by users on Shipt the app. They receive orders from Shipt users and be expected to finish and deliver those orders within a given delivery time the same day using the Shipt shopping app. A Shipt shopper will pick up an order once it has been placed on the app by a customer. The shopper goes to the store, chooses what’s on the customer’s list, then pays for the goods using a Shipt prepaid card. The shopper uses the app to deliver the purchased items to the customer’s house. You are to carry out the shopping according to the customer’s instructions. 

Becoming a Shipt shopper 

Becoming a Shipt shopper is one of the easiest ways of getting a job. Imagine a job that is as flexible as you having control over your working hours. What is required of you is to follow a few simple conditions if you want to assist customers to save time and shop directly from their phones.  The sole expertise required to provide effective delivery and earn tips is customer service.  

Once you have the listed requirements and are satisfied with becoming a shopper and driver, fill out the application. If you qualify and shoppers are needed in your location, a member of the Shipt team will contact you for an interview and after you have been accepted, your kits will arrive in around two weeks. You will have a Shipt T-shirt, this will be your uniform when shopping and delivering, and your prepaid card, which you will use at each purchase. 

The main job of a Shipt shopper is shopping and delivery. You can’t pick the one, you must finish the two.  If you did not pass the vehicle evaluation test to make deliveries, you could learn how to become an Instacart shopper and opt out of driving. 


Working as a Shipt shopper as a side hustle or as a full-time job will provide you with extra income if you like to work as a shopper for Shipt.  The most interesting part is that you can set your schedule, shopping as long as you want. We suggest that you should always shop as much as you can. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

What will I get as a Shipt Shopper? 

Ans: Shipt shoppers are not workers, but rather independent contractors. This means you can purchase whenever you want, but you won’t receive benefits or have taxes taken from your wages.  

Is it compulsory for you to own the car you use to work with Shipt?  

Ans: When you are trying to fill up the requirements to be a shopper, you do not have to be the owner of the car. You must, however, be on the insurance policy of the car you are using, whether you own it or not. 

How much do shoppers earn? 

Ans: Shipt shoppers earn $12-$20 per hour, which is a little less than the $22/hour advertised by Shipt. Drivers are paid per order rather than hourly pay, and you retain 100% of your tips. 

 Can anybody else assist me while I am working for Shipt? 

Ans: No, you are can’t bring someone else with you while on your Shipt shift, even if they are also working as a Shipt shopper.

Become a Shipt Shopper- Let’s Know More

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