Tommys Wash Club-Know More About It!


Apps for auto maintenance aren’t the only way to keep a vehicle in good working order.

Cleanliness extends the life of your automobile, truck, or SUV.

Car washes are a key part of that routine, and one particular subscription causes a commotion.

Unlimited car washes are available through Tommy’s Wash Club, allowing drivers to keep their vehicles clean while saving money.

Continue reading to learn more about low-cost, unlimited vehicle washes and other perks.

Tommys Wash Club-Know More About It!

What Is Tommy’s Wash Club?

Tommys Wash Club is a monthly subscription service that allows drivers to wash their cars at several places across the city. Drivers who join Tommy’s Wash Club get unlimited car washes using an easy-to-use app. Members of the Clubcan select their preferred wash and pay for it using the app.

Ryan Essenburg owns Tommy’s Car Wash, which is a new business.

Quality Vehicle Wash, the first car washing company in Holland, Michigan, has provided excellent customer care and car cleaning for over 50 years.

The first Tommy’s launched in 1990, with the big opening in 1969. In 2017, Tommy’s Express Car Wash opened franchises in  Texas, Joplin, San Antonio, Missouri, Sarasota,  Omaha, Florida, Nebraska, and Holland, Michigan.

With a completely automated customer service program, Tommy’s Car Wash leads the car wash business. While drivers have access to human staff, most of the system is self-contained.

How Does it Work?

  • When customers arrive at a Tommy’s Express Car Wash, a sensor detects their license plate and scans it.
  • If the membership is active, the gates will open, and the motorist will approach the entry to place the left wheels of their car on the wash belt.
  • After shifting into neutral, the motorist relaxes and enjoys the vehicle wash.

How to Get and Use Tommy’s Wash Club?

Tommy’s Wash Club operates each vehicle wash station with a user-friendly app, easy payment options, and a computerized system.

  1. Tommy Club App

To become a member of Tommy’s Car Wash, you must first download the Tommy Club App and create an account on your smartphone.

The program will prompt you to create a garage, in which you will input your vehicle’s make, model, and license plate.

You can add several vehicles to your account, but each vehicle’s monthly package must be paid separately.

After that, you select a vehicle wash package and pay.

You’ll need to pay using a credit card so that the app can automatically collect your monthly payment on a certain date.

You can alter your subscription plan anytime after joining the club and paying your membership fee.

  1. License Plate Recognition Software

The success of the wash club is determined by the license plate recognition software used at each site.

A little camera facing in the direction of the vehicle wash system can be seen on the gate.

Each car that reaches the gates has its license plate scanned by those cameras.

The gate will open, and you may drive in if the system identifies your license plate.

Other subscription car wash systems use radio tags, which need car wash employees to place tags on members’ vehicles.

The procedure of joining and modifying your membership is under your control using license plate recognition software. Employees don’t need to participate.

Wait time is reduced by keeping the system hands-free. Each time a driver gets a vehicle wash, they can opt to pay using the app or cards.

How Much Does Tommy’s Wash Club Cost?

Tommy’s washes start at $6 for a Quality wash if you pay for each wash separately.

Super washes cost $9 each.

The Ultimate and Works washes cost $12 and $15, respectively.

On the other hand, some franchise sites offer somewhat different fees, and a Quality wash might cost up to $8.

Where Is Tommy’s Wash Club Available?

Tommy Car Wash Systems now has 101 sites, with an additional 97 on the way.

The Midwest is home to the most open landscapes, particularly in West Michigan, Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska.

Tommy’s Express Car Wash will have 198 sites in 31 states once they are all open.

Visit the company’s website to see whether there is a Tommy Car Wash near you.

Enter your zip code under the Locations menu item.

You may also browse for local locations using the smartphone app.


Drivers may choose from various economical monthly vehicle wash packages through Tommy’s Wash Club, which can be managed using a simple smartphone app.

Vehicles entering the wash club’s gates are identified using license plate recognition software.

Members may pick from four different monthly membership plans or pay for individual vehicle washes using the app.

Members may use the app to add vehicles, move wash members, and stop, cancel, or re-establish their memberships.

Tommys Wash Club-Know More About It!

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