Wells Fargo Routing Number New Mexico


For the checking accounts and also for savings accounts, the routing number is 107002192 for Wells Fargo in New Mexico.

Wells Fargo Routing Number New Mexico

Wells Fargo Routing Number New Mexico

In addition, the routing number is 107002192 for Wells Fargo’s ACH. Wells Fargo‘s routing number for both domestic and international wire transfers is 121000248.

Routing number meaning?

The ABA number or the check routing number, which is in general called the routing number, is a code found on cheques generally made up of nine digits. The American Bankers Association developed bank routing numbers so that banks and credit unions could safely send and receive money as well as process paper checks among themselves. The region where you created your account is the only one with access to your Wells Fargo bank routing number.

Getting the Routing Number

Your monthly statement, the lower-left corner of your check, calling customer care at your bank, or going to their website can all be used to find your Wells Fargo routing number. If searched for, Routing number is located on the Federal Reserve on its official website.

Similar Routing Number

For Wells Fargo bank accounts, there is a single routing number, in New Mexico. For people, it is a known notion that everyone in New Mexico created their account in New Mexico; that’s why everyone in New Mexico has the same routing number.

This also implies that regardless of where your location in New Mexico, your Wells Fargo bank account will have the same routing number will remain the same for any Wells Forgo bank ccount. Therefore, even as well the accounts opened in different New Mexico cities or towns, the routing numbers remains the same.

Your routing number will probably remain the same even if you change states. Therefore, there is a significant probability that your Wells Fargo account, provided it was initially started in New Mexico, will continue if you move to another state.

Finding the routing number

Finding the routing number is extremely easy. It is located on a cheque of a checking account of Wells Fargo; the cheque routing number in the lower left corner is the first nine numbers . The routing number for an account can be obtained by calling Wells Fargo at 800-869-3557 any time of the day. This is in case someone doesn’t have a cheque.

Using the correct number could mean the difference between your money flowing into the right or wrong account, so if you are at all unsure, you should think about phoning Wells Fargo.

Routing number difference

Keep in mind that a cheque’s routing number may not match the one you would use for a wire transfer. Before engaging in activities that call for proper routing number information, you might wish to check with your financial institution since if the sequence is inaccurate by one digit, your money will go somewhere else.

What is Wells Fargo?

A diversified, locally based provider of financial services is Wells Fargo & Co. It offers diverse services like mortgages, investments, banking, insurance, and commercial financing. Community banking, wealth & investment management, including wholesale banking, and others make up its four business segments.

For consumers and small businesses, the Community Banking division provides a full range of diverse financial products and services, including checking and savings accounts, credit and debit cards, as well as lending for automobiles, students, and small businesses.

The location

Businesses in the United States and around the world can get financial solutions from the wholesale banking market. The section of wealth and investment management offers clients across U.S.-based enterprises individualized wealth management, investment, and retirement goods and services.

The items sold to WIM consumers through community bank distribution channels are referred to as the “Other” sector. The business’s headquarters are in San Francisco, California, and it was established on March 18, 1852, by Henry Wells and William G. Fargo.

Additional information

Wells Fargo grew its staging business in the decade that followed 1855 by establishing overland routes from Missouri and the Midwest to the Rockies and the Far West. During the final six months of the Pony Express’s operation in 1861, it ran the western leg of the route from Salt Lake City to San Francisco. Almost all Western stagecoach lines were consolidated under the Wells Fargo name in 1866, giving the business the greatest empire of stagecoaches in the world.

The use of stagecoaches steadily decreased after the first transcontinental railroad was completed in 1869, but Wells Fargo coaches continued to provide transportation in places where railroads did not run, in some cases far into the early 20th century.


You’re assigned a route number depending on a few distinct considerations. The place where you first started your account is one of the key considerations. Consequently, the routing number for accounts opened in New Mexico will be 107002192.

A routing number is necessary for setting up direct deposits, conducting wire transfers, ordering new checks, and sending money to other people.

Wells Fargo Routing Number New Mexico

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