How To Pay Your Midco Bill?

MIDCO Is abbreviated as midcontinent communications midco companies’ main theme for customer services is “connect your life”. In now a day as people’s lifestyle is changing day by day, we can observe a faster growth in every sector to balance these upgrading lifestyle MIDCO company provides some essential services like internet, Tv, and home phone. Let us know about that the How To Pay Your Midco Bill?

How To Pay Your Midco Bill?

Here you can pay your midco bill using a few methods it allows bill payment in several types and will accept payments by check by checking and savings account and also by credit card (or any other verified savings cards), paying online through an account, you can also make payments by using your phone and also there is an availability of one-time payment, you can choose the method as per your convenient. and for any type of midco payment midco not charges for payments.

Let’s discuss in brief about methods of payments provided by midco

  • One-time payment
  • Auto-pay

One-Time Payment

One of the important and easy methods and you can trust this method easily because one-time payment is best for new customers of midco here for one-time payment you can choose a one-time payment method if you are not a regular customer or new customer of midco but this method of payment may take some more time than auto pay

You can do your one-time payment using some of the following modes here

  • Online in my account
  • Online without my account
  • Phone
  • Mail
  • online in my account refers to making a one-time payment by logging into my account instruction which will appear on the screen of the midco onetime payment method tab.
  • Log in to” my account “which appears on the screen of midco bill payments
  • Select billing or make a payment button
  • On the home screen of the bill, the payment tab taps your current amount due, then tap pay now
  • Here you can also recheck the details entered by you or if you want to edit anything you can also available with an option of edit details, if it is necessary then edit the necessary information which is true and then tap on continue for the continuation of payment
  • Then now select the pay button for completion of your online payment
  • Online without my account refers to: here you can make a one-time payment without logging into the “my account”, that which will appear on the screen of the one-time payment method tab.
  • Phone refers to: here you can make a one-time payment by making a call to the online provided midco customer service number
  • 1.800.888.1300 and press 1 for the home account or 2 for a business account.
  • If it responded then enter the mobile number that was linked with your account.
  • Press 2 when it responds to pay your bill or if it asks something about your bill.
  • Then enter the last four digits of your social security number which is on your bank account book.
  • Then enter your payment amount including cents. Midco system will repeat the amount entered by you and press 1 for confirmation. if you want to edit it then press 2. 
  • Follow their instructions for payment information. 
  • Then write down the confirmation number as the system plays it back for you. 
  • It may take 2 days for payment
  • Mail refers to through mail you can make payments by sending the name and account number to midco along with a statement through PO box 5010, Sioux Falls, SD 57117.


 Autopay is a very simple and very fast method of bill payments when compared to the one-time payment method in midco because of the fast technology of autopay it will be very easy to handle auto pay almost regular customers of MIDCP can easily use this method of the transaction to lessen your effort of bill payments in midco

Here in this mode of payment in midco as we know auto means without interference the work will be done after giving some required instructions to it so like that in an auto-pay if you are logged in to” my account” in autopay instruction of midco bill payments then the midco payment will be done automatically from your linked account of midco “my account” for every month

in this auto-pay system, it allows for automatic payment of midco bills after passing a statement


Autopay is a system that pays your midco bills automatically for every month from the bank account or any other cards linked in “my account” of midco billing services.

One-time payment differs from auto pay such that one-time payment will be done under our whole control, and only we can choose when to pay the bill and how to pay the bill simply, it is under a controlled system but auto pay is an automatic system.

Benefits Of Auto-Pay

Time management



Benefits Of One Time Payment

  •  Easy understanding of bill payments
  • controlled system
  • The best method for fresh midco customers


Making payments in midco is an easy process because midco is providing various types of bill payment methods considering customers’ difficulties hence as it was providing several bill payment methods, we can choose one of our convenient methods for paying bills in midco.

Frequently asked questions on how to pay your midco bill?

1. How can I pay my midco bill?

You can make your midco payment by following two methods

  • One-time payment
  • Auto-pay

2. Difference between one-time payment and auto payment in midco bill?

Onetime payment differs from auto pay such that one-time payment will be done under our whole control and only we can choose when to pay the bill and how to pay the bill simply it is under a controlled system but auto pay is an automatic system

How To Pay Your Midco Bill?

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