MacDonald’s Senior Discount Coffee 


Macdonald’s is a giant fast-food chain that runs on a global level. Founded in 1940, it has been pleasing people’s taste buds for many years. It is world-famous for its hamburger and is ruling over millions’ hearts through it. Its franchises are established throughout the world, which has helped it in growing from just a restaurant to a giant fast-food chain. Over 14,000 Fast-Food restaurants in the USA are proof of how loved Macdonald’s is by local people. As a big company grows its social responsibility also grows with it. Macdonald’s is one of those companies which has to take over a lot of social responsibility to ensure people and build their trust. Macdonald’s is famous for its schemes, discounts, and package offers which are quite affordable and loved by general people. Let us know ‘MacDonald’s Senior Discount Coffee ‘.

MacDonalds Senior Discount Coffee

Macdonald’s senior discount coffee

Macdonald’s, through its discounts and offers, has created a cheap and tasty menu for people. It focuses on targeting general issues like price and quality. The senior discount offer is just one of the many schemes of MacDonald’s. Most Senior Citizens are from the vulnerable category as they have depended on the younger generation to fulfill their basic requirements. Seeing the need to support Senior Citizens, MacDonald’s have developed Senior Discount offers, which have proved to be worth full for Senior Citizens. Take Macdonald’s Senior Discount Coffee, for instance, it is one of the most popular schemes of MacDonald’s for Senior citizens. Coffee acts as an energy booster for people, especially in the USA. Every day in the USA, people consume about 400 million cups, which indeed is a large amount. With this high consumption of coffee, it is one of the most beloved drinks. Seeing its popularity MacDonald’s offers discounted coffee, especially for Senior citizens.

Rate of the discounted coffee

Senior Citizens have to spend money very carefully as they have low income and opportunities to earn money. Being in your old age is not difficult as you get ample benefits and support if you are aware of it. In MacDonald’s ordering, a single cup of coffee will cost you around $1 to $1.75. To make it more affordable for senior citizens, MacDonald’s provides discounted coffee for senior citizens of age 55 and above at the rate of 64 to 87 cents which is a considerable amount of cut-off. There is one thing to note MacDonald’s have a lot of its franchises with different owners thus the offers and discount rate are not equal in every restaurant. MacDonald’s on one location may have a Senior Citizen discount coffee at a certain rate and the same restaurant on a different location may have different rates. It is also possible that few franchises do not have any discount offers for senior citizens at all, as their owners have the right over the schemes they make. 

How to avail of the senior discount on coffee?

If you want to avail the senior discount offer by MacDonald, you need to verify your age at the restaurant through your official government id. Macdonald’s provides discounted coffee to senior citizens above 55 years of age. The rate may vary in different areas because MacDonald works as a franchise thus the ownership controls are different. After verifying your age, they will let you know what are the various discount schemes they have for senior citizens, from which you can take benefit. There are also various senior citizen coupons that you can get from previous purchases.

Other Fast-Food restaurants that offer Senior Discount 

Just one organization’s effort cannot result in a big revolution. To make a big difference in the lives of senior citizens every company whether big or small should contribute. The contribution can be big or small, it doesn’t matter. What matters is making a contribution. Like MacDonald’s, many other restaurants offer Senior Discount Schemes. Giants like Subway also are very active when it comes to fulfilling their social responsibility. Subway offers a 10% discount to senior citizens and free beverages to people above 60 years of age. When it comes to senior discounts, companies like Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC, White Castle, etc., have contributed a lot. 


Government is also very active when it comes to the welfare of vulnerable categories like senior citizens and contributes a lot through their welfare schemes. It is very important to spread awareness among general people about these discounts so that they can get its benefit. These senior discount offers can help senior citizens a lot, especially those who are completely vulnerable. 


  • How can I get a free burger from MacDonald’s?

MacDonald’s has many offers which are applied on its app and website. If you place an order for the first time through the app or website of MacDonald’s they offer you a free burger.

  • Does MacDonald’s have the 2 for 5?

MacDonald’s has the MacPick 2 which will cost you around $5. Through the MacPick 2 offer, you can order a combo of 2 classic items according to your taste and pay $5 in return. 

  • What is the cheapest MacDonald’s meal?

You can get the cheapest meal at MacDonald’s at just $4.29 which is a Sausage Biscuit with w/an egg meal. The other mind-blowing offers by MacDonald’s are:

  1. Size Coffee which will cost you around $1.00
  2. McChicken which will cost you around $1.29
  3. Cheeseburger Value Meal which will cost you around $5.49
  4. Hot’n Spicy McChicken which will cost you around $1.49
MacDonald’s Senior Discount Coffee 

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