PayPal Locked Account-Let’s Know More

PayPal is a fintech company that operates almost worldwide. Their headquarters is based in California, America. It can be referred to as a multinational financial technology company. It is formally known as PayPal Holdings, Inc. Let’s know more PayPal Locked Account 

PayPal Locked Account

As a fintech company, their product serves as a computerized alternative to the physical paper money and cheques being spent all over the world. They could process payments for online vendors, auction site owners, and many other categories of commercial users, for a little fee.

Before any user registers on their website or mobile app, there are terms and conditions that they must have agreed to but most user always overlooks these terms and conditions during registration because of its bulky nature. 

Thereby, causing them to have their account blocked once it is detected that they have gone against the terms and conditions they agreed to.

Of course, it could be that they were not aware of the existence of some of these terms and conditions but PayPal cannot be blamed. PayPal Holdings, Inc. is a company that is being guided by certain rules; any user that goes against the terms and conditions they have agreed to should have their account blocked.

What’s My Best Option If My PayPal Account Gets Blocked?

There are various reasons why your PayPal account could be blocked. If you realize that your PayPal account has been blocked then, you might be inquisitive about why it has been blocked. Usually, you might just need to provide some information about some recent transactions on your account. As evidence of true ownership of the account you want to be unblocked, you must provide your:

  1. Telephone number used to register your PayPal account
  2.  A copy of the account statement for the bank or credit card that is connected to your PayPal account
  3. Email address linked to your PayPal account.

After getting ready the above documents, then you can follow the procedure below to make inquiries as to the reason behind the locking of your account and to get it unlocked.

  • Visit the “Contact Us” page on the PayPal website
  • Put in the registered email and password of the affected account. (If you are unable to access your account through them, you may also click the “Continue” option.).
  • Provide answers to the questions asked and wait for a response from PayPal regarding the reason behind their action of blocking your account.

Reasons Why Your PayPal Account Could Be Locked

As explained above, there are various reasons why your account could be blocked as there is a list of terms and conditions you have agreed to while creating your PayPal account. Since your account could be locked due to different reasons, check out the possible reasons why it could be blocked below:

  • Anomalous activity on your account.
  • Inputting an incorrect password several times.
  • Hack threat.
  • Fraudulent activity has been detected on your account.
  • A complaint was made against your business to PayPal.
  • A series of chargebacks has been placed against your account.
  • You violated PayPal’s rules and regulations.
  • Trying to put in an amount of money that is more than what your PayPal account can hold.
  • Creating an account with the wrong details like age, sex, and so on.
  • An odd location was used to access your PayPal account.
  • You either have incomplete verification or outdated account information.

Unlocking a locked PayPal account

The process of unlocking a locked PayPal could be dynamic as there are various reasons why your PayPal account could be locked as established above. Some accounts might have been locked permanently and the money in them can no longer be accessed. In some other cases, you might just have to wait for a few weeks or days (at times, it’s just a few hours) and it will be unlocked automatically. 


This is why the most important thing to do first is to understand why your account was locked by following the steps explained above. The easiest way to get this done is to place a call to PayPal and make inquiries about your account and why it was blocked. If it’s a minute reason then your account might be unlocked immediately.

Alternatively, you can visit the official website – and chat up with the customer care team through the “Contact Us” page.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does a PayPal account stay locked? 

If your PayPal account has been locked because you tried to sign in too many times with the wrong password, then you should wait for at least 4 hours for security purposes before you can regain access to your account. Don’t try to sign in to your account again during those 4 hours.

  1. Can I place a call to PayPal if my account has been locked?

Of course, you can call PayPal to know the reason behind why your account has been blocked. However, it might not be unblocked with just a phone call as the reason why your account was blocked might be a complicated issue and you’ll be required to provide some documents before you can get your account unblocked.

PayPal Locked Account-Let’s Know More

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