Vans Outlet Locations- Find More About It

Vans is one of the USA’s leading brands of shoes and skateboard requirements. It started in 1966 as an individual small business of canvas shoes and materials required for skateboarding. Vans is not only famous for its shoes but also its hoodies, t-shirts, and other accessories. The products are highly fashionable and are known to be quite pricey. Vans became famous because of their various connections with sports events relating to skateboarding. It is popular in America but has stores worldwide. Let’s learn about ‘Vans Outlet Locations’.

Vans Outlet Locations

Vans Outlet Locations

Vans had to open up in various parts of America once it became popular because of its quality and fashion ideology. The comfort that the shoes and the clothes offer is almost incomparable. Vans has its outlets in 471 locations across the US, 43 states, and 383 cities. 

Locations That Have The Most Number Of Stores And Outlets

Vans is all over America and even outside its borders. To narrow down the data of the maximum number of outlets and stores in the US itself, it comes down to three states. California, Texas, and Florida. California has the highest number of outlets. Texas follows California in the second spot, and Florida comes next in the third spot.

Number Of Stores In Each Of The Three States

Since Vans is a famous brand, it has several stores per state. The state has the maximum number of Vans stores in California. California has 137 locations with stores and outlets all over the state. California has a population amounting to 39.51 million. It is known to have the 29% of the Vans stores. 

In second place comes the state of Texas. Texas has a whopping 43 locations with stores in itself. The population of Texas is 29 million. Texas accounts for 9% of the vans stores and outlets in America. The third placeholder is the state of Florida. Florida has 36 locations with Vans stores and outlets in the state. Florida has a population of 21 million, and it holds at least 7% of the total number of Vans stores and outlets.

Cities That Have The Stores And Outlets

The cities which have the maximum number of Vans outlets are mainly metropolitan cities or cities that have the maximum population. Therefore the top cities that have Vans outlets are as follows: New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, Orlando, Las Vegas, and Atlanta. There are more cities which have quite a few outlets. The company is expanding with each passing day and more outlets are being launched.

Number Of Outlets In The Cities

Counting the number of outlets can be overwhelming, but there are several locations where at least two outlets per location can get found. For example, new York has 5 locations with Vans outlets there. Then comes Las Vegas, which is in Nevada and has five outlets there or a bit more. Los Angeles in California has 5 locations with outlets of Vans. Seattle in Washington has 4 locations with Vans outlets, and so do Miami and Orlando in Florida, four each. Atlanta in Georgia has 3 locations with Vans outlets.

States Do Not Have Vans Outlets So Far

11 states in the United States of America do not have any location of the Vans outlets as of yet. The states are South Dakota, North Dakota, Vermont, Mississippi, West Virginia, Wyoming, American Samoa, Guam, Montana, US Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands. The rest of the states have at least one location with a Vans outlet.

Vans And Its Online Presence

Vans has its website. Their shoes, clothes, and accessories are all available on the website. They do free shipping and have exciting offers all over the site. They have separate male and female sections of shoes, clothing, and accessories. There is a kids section too.

They also have exchange and return policies. They even have a custom section for customizations. Therefore, one can order in their comfort of home and get the deliveries at their doorstep without any worries. If things do not fit right, they can be easily exchanged or returned. 

Vans also established a skate park in Orange, California for skateboarding enthusiasts. There are indoor skating courses, arcades, combo pools and so much more. This is known to be the first park that they opened. They opened the second one in Huntington Beach, California. It has similar installments too. Vans also sponsor an American concert known as the Vans Warped Tour. It is known to be one of the biggest concerts in America.

Overall, since Vans is pretty popular as a brand, their stores and outlets are everywhere, in almost every state except a few. There are locations with multiple outlets as well. If one fails to locate one, they can always relax at home and order their Vans goodies from the Vans website and get them delivered right to their doorstep.

Vans products are also sold on different sites and apps with a bit more discount. Therefore, except for the exceptional cases, one can always visit the nearest Vans store and enjoy their experience. 


Now we have learnt ‘Vans Outlet Locations’, Overall, Vans has been a popular name among all skateboarding enthusiasts. Their tagline, ‘off the wall,’ is also a skateboarding term. They became more popular when a film actor wore them in a movie. After that, the shoes gained popularity, and the style became a trend. The company sold shoes at a price point below $5 which slowly increased as their popularity and quality increased.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How Did Vans Start?

Three people came together to start a business under the name of The Van Doren Rubber Company. With the increasing popularity of their shoes and other supplies, they started to face harsh market competition.

  1. How Did Vans Face A Downfall?

Their shoes were being forged and released in the market which led to their loss, almost on the verge of bankruptcy. However, the company got sold and the new owners named it Vans, the name that everybody knows the brand now.

Vans Outlet Locations- Find More About It

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