California Drivers License-Know More

Travelling has come a long way in the past 10 decades. There were times in history when traveling from one place to another was a very big task because the means of transport were very few and only rich people could afford long-distance travel. But with the change in time, people started exploring new places, and movements around the world grew at a fast pace. With the growth of travel and with modern means of transport, it is very important to have rules and regulations which will govern the transport rules. One of the rules of transport is that people who are driving any means of transport should have a driving license, which is given by the local or state transport government and which states that a person has proper knowledge of rules and practices of safe driving. Let us know California Drivers License.

California Drivers License

California Drivers License

Los Angeles is one of the most famous cities in Hollywood, and it also has strict traffic rules that must be followed by everyone, whether a resident or a tourist. This city provides no leeway in its traffic and transportation rules. Any foreign driver cannot drive if they have the (IDP) international driving permit. It can only be allowed if the driver has a license from any of the states of America or any other driving license that is authorized by the country. Now, if any person is thinking of moving to California as a resident, no other state or country’s driving license is applicable in that case. They need to get a license from their local office. Let’s look in detail at the process and rules.

Driving license types and rules in California

There are 3 types of driving licenses offered to residents in California.

Provisional driving license

  1. The provisional driving license is given to minors who are less than 18 years of age but more than 15 years of age. It is given to avoid any rash driving and to maintain safety on the road.
  2. Parents must sign the undertaking form that is given by the license office.
  3. They have to present a certificate that is issued by a certified trainer who trains them to drive. The certificate can also be taken by California driving schools.
  4. A test is administered, and the applicant must pass it.

Learning license

  1. The learning license is for both age groups. It is for minors and adults. It is given to a person who has newly applied for a driving license and is just learning to drive.
  2. Proof of completing driving lessons through a driving school or trainer is required.
  3. Between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m., you are not permitted to drive.
  4. If going through the state, they must be accompanied by a senior member.
  5. They can not use any electronic communication device while they are on the road.

Driving license

  1. The driving license is given by the state government and certifies that the person knows the traffic rules and is a reliable driver. 
  2. can not break traffic rules.
  3. If the driving license is new, then for 3 months they must be accompanied by someone if traveling near borders.

Rules for tourists or any person who is not a resident of California

  1. The international driving permit is not applicable in California.
  2. They should have a driving license authorized by either the United States government or by their country. Then only a person is allowed to drive in California.
  3. If traveling near borders, they should be accompanied or have someone known to verify their presence.

How to apply for a driver’s license in California?

A person who is working in California or has become a resident of California should apply for a driving license within 10 days of their arrival. 

A person who is more than 18 years of age and is willing to get a driving license should

  1. The first step is that they need to visit the DMV office.
  2. then they need to complete the application form.
  3. A thumbprint is required on the form.
  4. Then adventure is taken that will be on the driving license.
  5. They need to verify their age and address.
  6. then they need to pay the application fee.
  7. A test is taken to check the awareness, and they should pass the test.
  8. The last step is also a test that is taken by an officer on the road to check whether they can drive properly or not.

After completing all the steps and passing the tests, a person can get a California driving license.


In California, the city of Los Angeles is one of the places in the state where traffic rules are strict and a person should have a driving license while driving. There are 3 types of licenses given to people, and they are provisional license, learning license, and driving license. People who are visitors can only drive if they have a driving license authorized either by their country or state government. The working-class who have shifted to California and people who are new residents must get their driving license within 10 days of their arrival.

California Drivers License-Know More

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