E-ZPass Violation – Know More

Introduction –

E-ZPass is an electronic toll collection system used to collect tolls on the highways, tunnels, and toll bridges across the US. It was created in 1987 to regulate highway traffic rules and collect tolls from passers-by automatically and is headquartered in Delaware, US. The e-Zpass tags are in-built with RFID chips that help in collecting the toll money from the driver’s bank account directly. It is a great and easy way to collect toll taxes as these tags automatically fetch the information without having the drivers stop by on the roads. They are most widely used across the US. Let us know ‘E-ZPass Violation’.

E-ZPass Violation

E-ZPass Violation

While e-Zpass is an easy and automated system of toll fare collection, there is still a possibility of several violations. There can be several ways through which this law can be violated. Sometimes, it can be due to a technical glitch but many a time, it is due to people deliberately trying to violate this rule. However, there are strict repercussions for this by the government for any kind of violation. Let us look at some of the rules and regulations of e-Zpass and see what happens when any of these rules are violated. 

1.e-Zpass Issuance and Renewal – 

  1. Getting an e-Zpass issued is not a pickle. This toll pass can be issued or purchased online from several online platforms as well as some selected retail stores and supermarkets. For example, you can buy e-Zpass at Wegman’s stores or purchase it online through e Zpass website.
  2. The pass will be delivered to you, you just have to activate the card following the steps written on it. 
  3. You can link your bank account with the card and instead of paying in cash, you can pay digitally the next time you are at a toll plaza. 

2. e-Zpass Payment and Tag Type –

  1. There are separate lanes constructed for only e-Zpass vehicles to pass through. These lanes are low-speed limit lanes for safety reasons. The speed limit in these lanes is 5-15 miles per hour.
  2. These measures are taken so that the vehicles that pay the toll in cash can easily merge with and pass through these vehicles carrying e-Zpass. 
  3. e-Zpass tags do expire after a certain time although, different states have different durations of expiration of this pass. For example, 
  • Virginia – 12 months
  • New Hampshire – 24 months

Types of e-Zpass Tags –

  1. E-Zpass Plus – This E-Z pass card program is used for working your vehicle at three major airports – John F. Kennedy, LaGuardia, and Newark airport. The subscribers can replenish their cards using any credit card and enjoy parking at these airport parking lots. 
  2. E-Zpass Flex – These are most widely used by people who have highway tolls on their regular routes. 
  3. E-Zpass Uni – These passes are compatible on all toll roads across Florida and Georgia. 

3. e-Zpass Violations –

There can be various reasons behind e-Zpass violation –

  1. The pass is not inserted properly.
  2. The pass may have insufficient balance.
  3. The pass type may be mismatching.
  4. The vehicle may be over-speeding.

For any of the above reasons, if there are violations, then:

  1. You will receive an invoice/mail with your fine which will be deducted for the violation. 
  2. The non-payment of toll fee for any other reason will be noted in your account under your name which will be deducted later when you pass through any other toll plaza.
  3. You can pay this amount either online or by calling their customer service. 

Conclusion –

e-Zpass is an easy automated way of getting your toll money deducted. It was created for interrupted vehicle passage and ease of the passers-by. However, sometimes, these passes can be sidelined and violations can be made. To avoid such violations, there is a fine charged and billed at your address. Regular violation may result in permanent rejection of your pass and you may have to pay cash at the toll and waste time. This is an easy toll collection system and is quite hassle-free and fast. 

Frequently Asked Questions – 

  • What other passes are compatible with E-Zpass?

The other cards which are compatible with e-Zpass are SunPass, NC Quick pass, and E-pass in North Carolina, I-Pass in Illinois, and Riverlink in Kentucky. 

  • How much does an e-Zpass cost?

The initial balance you need to maintain in your e-Zpass is $25-$30. Most of the time, the transponder fee is not chargeable, but in some states like Illinois, a security deposit of $10 may be charged. 

  • Can these passes be transferred to other vehicles?

Yes. You can transfer your e-Zpass from one vehicle to another if your vehicle type is the same. For example, you can transfer the e-Zpass from one car to another, but not from one car to a truck. 

  • Is e-Zpass and e-Z tag same?

No. They are both different. e-Zpass works across 17 US states whereas, EZ Tag works only in toll facilities across Texas. 

E-ZPass Violation – Know More

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