Microwavable Slippers – Know More

Do you always have cold feet? Or maybe just the temperature decrease? You usually turn on the heater when you stay at home, but what about when you step out of your house? Instead of putting on three to four pairs of socks to stay partially warm, replace them with something even better and more effective. Tried wearing three to four layers of socks, presenting the microwavable slippers. These heated slippers are here to stay. They are rechargeable, easy to use, and can give up to 3 hours of battery backup. Now you can go anywhere you like irrespective of the temperature. You don’t need to put on three to four layers of socks. Just wear the microwavable slippers, and you are ready to go.

Microwavable Slippers - Know More

What are Microwavable Slippers?

Microwavable Slippers or heated slippers are the slippers that keep your cold and dry feet warm. These are comfy slippers that easily solve replace the socks and keep your feet warmer as compared to the socks. They are chargeable and once charged can easily last up to 3 hours. These slippers are made up of millet gains which are microwave resistant.

How do Microwavable Slipper works?

As already mentioned, microwavable are made of dried millet gains that enable them to allow slippers to be heated safely in the microwave. To make them perfect, comfy, and cozy for a long relaxing day, dry lavender leaves are added. Now, put them in the microwave for 90 seconds with a piece of paper towel beneath them. After 90 seconds of heat, the slippers will keep your feet warm for 45 minutes. Socks are mandatory to wear with them as do get very hot.

What happens when the Slippers get overheated?

If your slippers get overheated mistakenly or by any chance, then at first should be allowed to cool down at room temperature and shall be disposed of, with the household waste. It is normal because after a few uses, ceases due to the moist nature of the filling substance.

Are Microwave Slippers washable?

As named, these products are heating slippers, which can bother you sometimes are they washable? Slippers get dirty and sweaty as compared to other clothes or attire which we wear.

You can clean the slippers with a damp cloth or a sponge, but they cannot be soaked completely because they are made with high quality and non-pilling millet gains. Soaking it can destroy the product.

They are not heavy as they should be:

Are these slippers heavy than other normal ones because of the presence of the grain? You are not going to feel heavy if you are wearing the correct size. They do feel a little heavy than the normal ones because. They are designed in such a way that the grains surround the top of your feet. A person who is suffering from chronic cold feet will be feeling relieved instead of feeling heavy.

Five best Microwavable slippers that can keep you warm:

This list includes both types of slippers, electric and microwavable. In the case of electric ones, most of them are corded, making them rigid. But provide a more lasting effect than that of the microwave ones.

> Mars wellness heated slippers:

These heated pairs of super soft comfy slippers are made of aromatic materials like peppermint, rosemary, lavender, chamomile, and natural herbs. These all help to stimulate your senses. To use they should be kept in the microwave for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

> Terra warm heated slippers: 

Another example of microwavable slippers is terra warm heated slippers. They are fluffy and are made of natural seeds and lavender. They can stay warm for up to 20 minutes when kept in the microwave for just 75 seconds. They are available in two sizes, the larger one being the 11 for the men. 

> Pure enrichment PureDelux foot warmer: 

This pair of heated slippers are customizable due to its bootie-style design and adjustable cords. It also has customizable heat settings that go up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Its setting is controllable by an ergonomic LED controller. It is also machine washable.

> Gianotic Store Electric Heater for a Foot Warmer:

It has been designed in an enlarged manner for the couples for using it together. You can wash the cover simply by removing the machine. It is made up of thick soft durable material and also has a two-hour auto-off timer to prevent it from overheating. Moreover, it also has 3 temperature settings.

> Snook-ease Heated Slippers: 

It has three-layered insulation, designed to keep feet super comfy. When heated for 60 seconds, it gives you 30 minutes of non-stop warmth. The inserts can be removed to include all your favorite slipper styles.


If you are having chronic cold legs or are unable to control the cold then the heated microwavable slippers are for you. Instead of pilling 3 4 stocks one over the other, it is better to switch to the heated slippers as they also provide proper warmth to your feet. 


Q. Are microwavable slippers washable?

Ans: Some of them are machine washable.

Q. How do you warm up slippers?

Ans: They should be kept in the microwave for 90 seconds.

Q. How do the microwavable slippers stay warm?

Ans: They can warm up for 35 to 40 minutes. 

Microwavable Slippers – Know More

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