Sites Like Poshmark- Find More About It

Poshmark initially began its platform intending to make thrifting an easy job for women and had hardly had any versatility but soon it captured the market by expanding its horizons by inculcating male clothing, kitchenette accessories, and more. Let us know more detail about ‘Sites Like Poshmark’.

Sites Like Poshmark

Sites Like Poshmark

The existence of thrifting platforms was there before Poshmark’s appearance and many have arrived after that. Etsy, thredUP, and Facebook Marketplace are some examples that are similar to Poshmark, which you will read in detail about below along with more platforms.

Sites Like Poshmark:


This platform is one of the biggest ones out there in the field of online selling, Etsy’s existence has made the life of many people by providing them an easy, work-from-home lifestyle while also financially stabilizing them.

Etsy is mainly occupied by online stores for personalized items that may be art or merchandise. But it also serves as a platform for selling your clothes online as it gives everyone easy access to opening stores of their convenience at the charge of $0.20 per listing.

This site serves a majority of a similar purpose as Poshmark, however, what is different is their listing cost and commission of 6.5% on every sale that Poshmark lets one do for free.


eBay and Facebook are websites that have already seen their peak, as far as one knows. That along with the fact that eBay is known for its negligence of quality assurance. But the majority of the time it’s all about researching the right thing and buying from reputed sellers.

The platform has a very convenient option that mirrors that of Poshmark and it would be the auctioning option where, instead of putting a final price for the item, the seller lists it for the customers to auction or bargain for the best price. 

Another similarity eBay has with Poshmark is its free listing feature for sellers with less than 250 listings a month, otherwise, they charge $0.35 per listing. Their commission rate is 12.9%.

Facebook Marketplace

Although as aforementioned, Facebook has lost its popularity among the current generation it still has a high rank in the most popular apps due to the evolutionary change it brought with it. Its Marketplace still receives a hefty amount of traffic, though it often consists of the older age group.

The platform has a huge variety and space for buying and selling comfortable, preloved clothes just like Poshmark for either the clearance of your wardrobe or addition to it. The Facebook Marketplace takes away 5% from the payout of every order.


The goal of ThredUP when it emerged back in 2009 was not only to provide an easy platform for people to shop and sell their second-hand clothes but it was also to control Fast Fashion waste to the maximum level and prevent the landfills from filling in with wasted clothes.

Though ThredUP might be similar to Poshmark in regards to being a thrifting platform, from a seller’s point of view it may be a hectic and unsure procedure to list their products there as ThredUP first checks the quality of clothes before allowing them on their site, they can also be rejected.

ThredUP has a commission policy of 20%-90% where the seller’s payout is based on the quality and value of the listed product. Overall, ThredUP has quite a complex payment system.


Tradesy is a popular platform with a multimillion audience of buyers and sellers that have reviewed it as one of the best sites for not only affordable and comfortable items but also for a wide range of high-end designer products that are preloved.

There’s one drawback of Tradesy for its sellers and that would be its relatively high commission charges which are $7.50 for items lower than $50 and 19.8% for a higher amount.


While all these other platforms are available on the browser, Depop, like Poshmark, is an app for selling and buying pre-loved clothes.

Depop for a buyer would serve as a haven of beautiful items from popular stores as it has been a high preference of first-generation influencers these days, ultimately making it a hotspot for trendy products. 

For sellers, while it is a competitive platform, it can also sprout as a potential business that one can earn their living off the app, as many have already. Depop has no listing charge but charges a 10% commission on each order, including the price of shipping.


Now we have learnt ‘Sites Like Poshmark’, Several sites listed are similar to Poshmark on different levels and some even exceed its potential. One down factor of Poshmark would be its hefty commission, which is lesser on other platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you sell clothes on social media?

Yes, over time people have found more uses of social media than just to interact globally; those uses include selling clothes on social media platforms and even going as far as making a business out of it. Some great options for selling your clothes are Instagram, Facebook groups, Whatsapp, and many more.

  • Does Poshmark charge a commission fee?

Poshmark charges a 20% commission on items exceeding $15 in price.

Sites Like Poshmark- Find More About It

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