Where to Get a Certified Check?


              Always wondered where you can get your certified check but before we get into that, let’s clarify the basic concept of what an accredited check is, as I’ve seen many people get confused between a certified check and a cashier’s check. The benefits of using it and where you can get it from. 

Certified checks are used when you need to do a large payment and the seller needs to ensure that it doesn’t bounce so certified checks are verified by the bank that the buyer has the amount in his account mentioned on the check. You can get it from your local bank branch, you will have to write the check in front of the teller from them to verify. 

Where to Get a Certified Check?

What is a Certified Check?

      A certified check is marked legitimate by the payer’s bank and has earmarked the funds mentioned in the check. It is a personal check. It is drawn for personal reasons. 

The certification process of the check is done by the bank physically; they verify the account holder’s signature and confirm that they have enough money to pay a certified check from then onwards and the funds are earmarked for that check. Besides any other reason, banks don’t release these funds.

   While a cashier’s check is the one that is backed up by the bank. Bank takes the amount from the person requesting a cashier’s check holding it as a bond and uses it as a special amount specifically to cover the check amount. The bank prints a check for the amount that they have under their holding.

Certified checks and cashier’s checks are both considered “official” checks and “guaranteed funds”.

Uses of a Certified Check

When purchasing certain items that are expensive like a car, a home, or any other luxury items, basically anything that requires you to do a large transaction. 

At that time carrying that much amount of cash is not safe for the buyer so they try to do the payment by other means such as a check but sometimes it happens that the check bounces and the seller is at a loss. 

So, to meet the needs of both the buyer and seller ‘Certified Checks’ were introduced. It makes it safe for the buyer to carry and the seller knows that this check is approved by the bank and the buyer can pay the amount of money that is acceptable in exchange for the commodity offered.

How To Get A Certified Check?

To get access to a certified check of your own you’ll need to enquire at your bank about it. In our experience, we’ve rarely found that any bank will be offering both cashier and certified checks. 

Steps to get a Certified Check are as below:

  1. Confirm with your bak that they provide Certified Checks
  2. Kindly visit the local branch of your bank
  3. Notify the Bank Teller that you want a Certified Check 
  4. You’ll have to write the check in front of the Bank Teller
  5. You’ll have to provide your Id
  6. Kindly wait till the Bank Teller verifies the amount in your account and marks or stamps your check as ‘Certified’
  7. You’ll have to pay a fee that the Bank charges you against this service they provide.
  8. Remember to keep your receipt till the check is cleared from your account.

Fees for a Certified Check 

As the bank charges you for other services they offer similarly they’ll charge a fee for this too. The fee for a Certified Check varies from bank to bank. Your bank’s fee schedule is the site you can look up to know the fees that your bank charges for a certified check or you can also get this information by contacting a customer service agent. 

Some skilled artists can easily forge a signature and the certification mark and create a fraudulent check. Be aware of such things. And if you spot such checks then do not attempt to cash or deposit them as the bank will charge you for accepting such a check.

Do not accept checks from strangers. 

And if you, verify it there itself by calling the bank stated on the check. Do not call the helpline number of the bank given on the check as it might be forged too. Instead, find the helpline online and call and verify with them if they issued such a check.

What to do if you lose a Certified Check?

If you happen to lose a Certified Check then the option of canceling it immediately goes out of the park. Losing a certified check the bank may want you to get an indemnity bond before issuing another one. 

However, this bond is not that easy to get but it will make you accountable for the replacement check as stated by the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. Consulting an insurance broker for this issue is suggested by The OCC.


We hope that we provide you with every bit of information that you are looking for in Certified Checks. Now that you know everything about Certified Checks next time when you are liable to use them you will use them appropriately. 

Where to Get a Certified Check?

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