Apex Legends Banned – Why?


There are guidelines or Terms & conditions, which are followed by the majority of the gaming community. These are the Terms of Service (ToS). These terms are for your privacy and safety measures. If the TOS is breached for the first time, a warning is issued, but repetitive actions of such kind can lead to suspension of your account.Let us know about why does Apex legends player get banned and how can you get unbanned on apex also the way to contact them .

Apex Legends Banned

Apex legends

Apex legends is a battle royale game, which is lately banning tons of its players from its platform. This is because Apex legends believe that the banned players are the cheaters as they complete their mission/tasks or boost their character levels by unfair means( illegal ways) to achieve various gifts or rewards in a short period. So even if you are not using mod hacks or anything like that, you can still get banned if you play with a corrupt guy or do something illegal.

Why did Apex legends players banned initially?

In the initial phase of the game, Respawn Entertainment (the founder of the battle royale game)discovered that some users were trying to cheat or do some illegal stuff to progress in the game. So, like other gaming companies, they terminated the accounts that cheated or used to promote unethical activities, to maintain healthy and fair gameplay.

Apex legend is not only a battle royale game that faces this problem. Before them, it was PUBG Crop (Players Unknown BattleGround) who had banned around 30,000 of its players. They observed that players used to view the location of other players by using a third-party application called Radar Hack.

Apex legend’s false ban wave

Lately, some of the players have had trouble logging into the game. Some of them were unable to log into their accounts or were banned from the game without even breaking a single term & condition of the game from the game without even breaking a single term & condition of the game. 

This error was called code: snake, in which players are temporarily getting banned without even mentioning the cause and time duration of it. While Respawn Entertainment is trying its level best to manually eliminate every single one who is either creating or is playing through illegal means, it’s devastating that innocent accounts are getting banned.

The security analyst of Apex legends, Connor Ford, tweeted and said that he was aware that most cheaters are at the top of the leaderboard. He also mentioned that they are already banned, and the leaderboard will be updated. The same day leaderboard was updated.

Apex legends player on PS4

Conor Ford tweeted that recently players who were banned from the game were the majority of them playing the game on PS4. He also mentioned that 94.2% of 1965 players were the ones who belonged to the PS4 category. On the other hand, the total number of players combined across Switch, XBOX, and Desktop was only 121.

Are apex bans permanent? 

Respawn Entertainment usually decides the bans. As we all know, apex legend is a battle royale, shooting, and combat game. Mostly battle royale games include cheaters, players who abuse, etc. Every company wants its gaming environment to be clean and should be filled with competitive and honest players. 

Respawn can decide whether the ban should be periodic or permanent, depending on the situation. For example, if any player breaches any term & condition, they shall be handed a periodic ban. Still, after the ban gets over if the individual repeats the same mistake again, they will be permanently banned from the game. Permanent bans can also be imposed if the act done by the player is not tolerable.

Can I get unbanned on apex?

If anyone thinks that the ban imposed on them is false and doesn’t make sense if they had never violated any terms & conditions of the game, then they have the right to get their account unbanned. For this, you need to contact them.

How to contact them to get your account to unban? 

To contact them, follow the following steps: 

1. At the top of any ea help page, there is an option Contact us. Click there.

2. You need to select the account which was banned or suspended and also choose the platform on which you used to play the game.

3. Select Manage your account> banned or suspended account. 

4. At the bottom of the page, there will be a contact option; select it.

5. Sign in to your banned or suspended account, and then give them the details about your account and why you think it shouldn’t be banned or suspended.


Using hack and modding games shall help you reach the highest level and collect rewards, but you will never enjoy the game as its raw version should be. We’re fortunate enough to play games with such high graphics. Companies like Respawn ensure that they always provide us with the competitive and highest level of gameplays. 


Does the apex also bans IP? 

Gaming companies do not ban IP Addresses. IP only gets banned by the server in which it played.

Are apex lobbies skilled based?

Yes, the apex lobbies are skilled-based. 

What is the average KD in the apex legends?

The average KD in the apex legends is around 1.0.

Apex Legends Banned – Why?

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