Delete Smule account- Know More

Smule is an American music app. Initially, the Smule app started on the iOS platform in 2012. Later, the Android version came out in 2013. Smule has 50 million monthly active users. A monthly subscription for this application is $20. An annual membership subscription will cost you $99. With the paid version of this app, one can unlock popular songs. This social singing app has 20 million members who use the paid version. This massive library of songs is updated constantly with contemporary melodies. In this article we shall see how to Delete Smule account?

Delete Smule account

Can you delete the Smule account? 

Smule is one of the most influential apps worldwide. With a round figure of 4% of the world population. To delete your Smule account, you need to submit a request. The account you aim to delete must be associated with the email ID. Through which you are submitting your request. If you fail, you must change the email ID of your account. All content created by different artists, utilizing your recordings will also be erased from their memory. Deletion of your account will not cancel the account holder’s subscription. User needs to manage the subscription before deleting their account. You have to cancel your subscription on iTunes, Google Play, or visit the Smule website. This platform has a help center which is the user can also open the Smule app «Settings» and click on «Help» under Support. It will direct you to the site and help you submit a request regarding the deletion of your account. If you find a hyperlink stating «Submit a Request» click there. Open a drop-down menu, and search for Remove Smule Profile (Account Deletion ). And read all the instructions and add your details like username and email ID. After submitting your request, Smule staff will carry out the procedure to delete your account. What is the alternative for the Smule app? Read further to know.

Alternatives for the Smule app are as follows

Few similar apps allow you to join a global karaoke party and sing your favorite hits with sound effects, free and open source. The competitors are UltraStar Deluxe, KaraFun, Karaoke Mugen, Singa, Yokee, and Sing plus. And many other singing apps like Tempo, VoCo, Warm Me Up, Pocket Pitch, and Sing Harmonies.

Can Smule delete my account?

 If your Smule account isinactive for more than 180 days, this can lead to the suspension of your account. Your account can even be suspended based on the content shared. Content with obscenity, immorality, sexual material, or hate speech can lead to termination of your account. Don’t be a troll or bully. Account will be banned if the user is found to be toxic and erodes the community values. Don’t create multiple accounts for harassment or any form of abusive behavior. Your are restricted to post anything illegal, inappropriate, or copyrighted content.

Can I recover my Smule Account?

Click on forgot password and enter an email address, which is linked with your Smule account. Then click on Reset password and check your inbox for further instructions directed by Smule. Then contact Smule via Facebook chat or if your account is taken over by someone else.

How to switch accounts/ log out on Smule?

To switch your account, one needs to log out and uninstall the Smule app. You need to install the app again. It will ask whether you logged in first was your account or not. If you want to switch the account, you must type “No.” As your data is stored online thus, it won’t be deleted. And another way to switch accounts is to clear data. It practically restarts the app and does not delete your data. You need to log in, and you can log in with your different account.


 You can download audio and video performances by clicking on «Fetch Data for this Song» if the URL is valid, you will find information about our song. And then press Save target to download. You can delete your Smule account by visiting their website or clicking on «Help» in your downloaded app. You can contact their customer care service at and ask for answers to your issues. It takes about seven days to process your account deletion request. As soon as it is confirmed, you will receive a verification of the complete deletion of your account and data. There are similar music apps like Smule. That allows you to sing and earn money. Your online presence can lead to the suspension of your account if it breaks any guidelines by the company’s community.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Which app gives the best experience for singing with background and lyrics?

Smule provides an audio effect that gives you the touch of professionality. This app lets you share your content across the globe. Other than Smule, Red Karaoke gives you the best experience.

  • Does Smule have vocals?

Your vocals are recreated through your headphones. So, you can hear yourself singing. If you can’t hear yourself, then you must check whether the monitoring volume levels are too low. And you have to sing louder to compensate. Monitoring levels depend on how loud you hear your voice in the headset. And this does not correspond with the recording played in the background. 

  • What is the age limit to use Smule?

The age limit recommended to open an account on Smule is 13+ years. It is advisable to supervise our kids while using this app. Smule gives public exposure and connects you with strangers on the web, which can be dangerous for kids and youths.

Delete Smule account- Know More

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