Does Planet Fitness Have Free Weight

So popular is this competence center popular in America with over 100 of its locations scattered around different states. Let’s know more about Does Planet Fitness Have Free Weight. 

Does Planet Fitness Have Free Weight

Despite its availability, several locations have more sophisticated equipment than others. Since a variety of people are more concerned with garbed gym equipment, they’re okay with centers having a fundamental gadget.

Let’s, inspect if correctly planet fitness has free weights and everything you should know before signing up as a member at their home-grown fitness epicenter.

How true is it that Planet fitness has weights?

Planet fitness has a rack of dumbbells that can be used as unlimited weights but they have no power rack. Those whose field is squat; bench press and heavier weight will not be lovers of Planet fitness because they don’t have the equipment rather, they have a Smith machine in place of these free weights. For instant workouts, the Smith machine may not give that certain muscles desired but for those whose aim is to be in shape, Smith is a perfect option to contemplate. 

The key reason why Planet fitness is not in the business of presenting these heavier free weights is mostly concerned with insurance and liability. These free weights equipment necessitate massive cover and liability policy to cover for them. The chances of people getting hurt using the Smith machine are significantly lesser compared to trying to bench press 200 pounds thru intense gym bodies. This is why they avoid using these free weights.

Many exercise rooms besides Planet fitness example the local lifting category the gym has these options but the pricing is credibly unconventional. Often than none, this difference has a lot to do with their insurance policies which are exclusive as a result of the type of equipment at their disposal.

What one benefits from being a member of Planet fitness member

Acquiring membership is prospectively the most economical membership on the block. There are other reasons why membership at this fitness center is worthwhile, which are:

  • They have a low-cost option for proposing memberships
  • The fitness provides options like the Planet fitness black card: This provides greater structures for holders
  • They provide heavy cardio which helps to burn calories faster
  • They have free pizza Night: The free pizza night is a way of trying to get the group of people that frequent the gym together.
  • They provide convenient locker rooms and showers
  • They provide healthy inspired drink bars

Overview of Planet fitness

As a health club charter, Planet fitness underway operation in the year 1992 in Dover, NH. Over time it has extended using about 2000 locations in the US and now Canada.

Planet fitness aims to bid on a location where everyone can walk in and have access to clean facilities, and cardio equipment while paying a low monthly fee. The success of this fitness epicenter is a result of the low cost they charge and 24 hours facilities obtainable. In addition, the aim at ensuring workout sessions are fun rather than bodybuilding thereby rendering the fitness center more welcoming than another fitness house. 

Available are superb devices like LED signs which are seen around their clubs. Therefore, at home, on holiday, or shopping spree you will never miss out on their state-of-the-art contracts.

Free Equipment at Planet fitness

Even though they don’t have heavy weight lift equipment, Planet fitness makes available cardio equipment like treadmills, stationary bikes, and elliptical machines. The abundant apparatuses at the fitness center are leg press machines, leg pull-down machines, and chest fly machines.

Price of planet fitness gym membership

The gymnasium proposes two different plans, classic and PF black card.

Classic: This plan costs $10 monthly, with taxes and fees. Yearly they run promo so people can sign up as low-slung as $1 as an acceptance fee and an annual $39 but one is not tied to a contract for a definite period. The plan avails one Free Wi-Fi, Free fitness training, and unlimited access to the home club

PF black card: membership fee for this plan is $22.99 monthly, plus taxes and fees. There is no enrolment fee but rater one is locked into a 12-month contract with the gym. With this membership, you get entirely things itemized on classic plus Use of tanning, use of massage chairs, 50% off Drinks, use of hydro massage, you can bring a guest, and lots more.


I shoulder you now have a better understanding of Planet fitness This is a great value worth deliberating on if you are looking at being in shape. If you are watching out for a cost-effective gym, you have been provided with options already so I undertake nothing is holding you back. 

Even though plenty of fitness centers are devoid of free weight, you can still decide to set up this free weight equipment at home. Don’t let absenteeism of free weight at Planet fitness make you have cold feet on filing for membership. Next weekend could be the right time, remember you can’t be in shape forever! Think about it.


Does Planet fitness have swimming pools?

The gymnasium right now does not have a pool or hot tubs.

Do they have deadlift stages?

Planet Fitness does not have deadlift stages all for the same reason why they equally have no squat racks since these gear require high insurance policies.

Does Planet Fitness offer a free day pass?

For those who are interested in joining, Planet fitness bids free day passes but not in all their location. The best way is to confirm from their website to know the locations that are presenting it before walk-in to any Planet fitness center close to you.

Are there Regions for only Women at Planet fitness?

No section of such exist at planet fitness. Both men and women are free to work inside together in the zone as they deem fit.

Does Planet Fitness Have Free Weight

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