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Middleton Transfer Facility is an intermediate prison in Abilene, Texas, housing G-1 minimum-security through G-3 medium-security criminals and transients. Temporary offenders are prisoners who are kept momentarily while waiting for trial or held briefly at this location while awaiting a more regular facility assignment. Middleton Transfer Facility is classified as an entrance and transition facility for male perpetrators and a juvenile detention facility. This blog will clarify the Middleton Unit Transfer Facility, its place, and other details.Let us know about Middleton unit transfer facility and the visiting hours of Middleton unit in this article.

Middleton Unit Transfer Facility

The John Middleton Transfer Facility, commonly known as the Middleton Unit Transfer Facility, is an intermediate jail for male juveniles and adults Texas Division of Criminal Justice runs. As the name implies, the Facility serves as admitting and transferring unit for criminals awaiting trial or transitioning to a permanent facility. It is situated in Jones County, Texas, in Abilene. Because the Prison is only for transfer purposes, inmates only stay for a short time before moving on to their following site.

What all Facility does it provide?

The Facility it provides is only about the transfer as the prisoners or the inmates here stay for a shorter period and then get transferred to another place. However, sometimes convicts, particularly those on trial, can remain for an extended period. As a result, the Facility provides a variety of educational and vocational courses to prepare convicts for their next phase, whether in a permanent jail or in the community. Among these programs are: primary education provided education, Life Skills, Parenting Courses, etc. 

Some offenders are allowed to work in the institution’s garden and upkeep the building. In contrast, others look after the security horses and provide supervised labor to local government organizations and other community initiatives.

How do you Contact the inmates in the prison?

There are different ways people who are outside and are closed or any relative can contact the prisoners in the jail. Following are the processes through which one can get:

  1. Via Email: Sending letters in the mail is one of the most efficient ways to stay in touch with the inmates in the pen pal program at the Middleton Unit Transfer Facility. Nevertheless, it would help if you verified that the email is correctly addressed so that they get it. Send letters to a prisoner at the Facility using this mailing address. It is critical that you adequately address your letter for it to reach the convict.
  2. Via Telephonic Conversation: Prisoners at the Middleton Unit Transfer Facility have accessibility to the Offender Telephone System (OTS), which helps them make paid phone calls to closed ones. These calls are observed and recorded and must be made to verified home landlines as underpaid and postpaid cell phone numbers.
  3. Via Video Conferencing: Because the Covid-19 outbreak made personal contact difficult, the TDCJ implemented video visitation. Each call would cost $10 using this strategy. Always check in on time to make the most of the time allotted for each call.  

What are the Visiting Hours of the Middleton Unit?

Visitation is permitted for prisoners at the Middleton Unit on Saturdays and Sundays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Before attending a visiting session, all visitors must be on the prisoner’s approved list. There are two types of visitors to this Facility: those who interact and those who do not (behind a glass partition). The visit will depend on your connection with the offender; for example, family members are typically allowed contact visits, whereas friends are limited to non-contact visits unless granted by the Warden’s office. All routine visits are two hours long if space and time allow; unique visits for visitors who live more than 300 miles away can be four hours long but need express permission from the Guard’s office.

Prisoners of the Middleton unit are permitted two adult companions per visit (anyone under 16 will not count towards the visitor limit). The number of children allowed will is determined by the available space and the visitor’s capacity to maintain involvement with children during the visit.

What credentials do visitors need to bring with them?

The agent at the block security check will ask the visitors for the following information when they check-in for an encounter:

  1. Your connection with the offender Name and TDCJ number of the offender you are visiting
  2. Visitors have to provide their current physical address and phone number.
  3. A proper ID is required for all adult attendees. Except for your ID and $25 cash (in coins) for the vending machines, you must keep everything in your vehicle. A small wallet, clear plastic bag, or change purse can be used to store the coins.

Middleton Unit Transfer is located at 13055 FM 3522, eight miles northeast of Abilene in Jones Country, on a 402-acre plot with Robertson Unit. It is the perfect Prison for adults to stay in for a while, providing facilities and training for inmates to avoid repeating the crime. Not only this one who waits for a more extended period they also get the access to the educational and vocational courses. On average, it is the best place for the prisoners to live compared to the prisons, where things are strictly regulated. 

  • Is it possible to send the money to the inmates?

Yes, it is possible. There are various methods for sending money to a prisoner in Middleton Transfer Facility, both online and via mail. To transfer money, you will need their inmate ID number. Jpay is one option for online transactions.

  • Is there any Dress Code for the visitors?

Yes, there is a formal dress code for the visitors. If they don’t wear the same, their entry will be denied. 

Middleton Unit Transfer Facility – Know More

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