Ray-Bans Return- Read More About It

If you have ever tried sunglasses, you should have heard about Ray-Ban. One of the most well-known manufacturers of designer eyewear, including prescription glasses and sunglasses, is Ray-Ban. You can return a Ray-Ban product if you ordered one and it was broken in shipping or if you decided to return it. Let us know more detail about ‘Ray-Bans Return’.

Ray-Bans Return

Ray-Bans Return

Now that you know, you can return your eyewear or could replace it. It is crucial to know its process. Learn more about the Ray-Ban return policy before sending your thing back. DoNotPay may help you with the process of returning the Ray-Ban sunglasses if you’re not happy with them. Let’s read Ray-Bans Return.

Overview of Ray-Ban: Ray-Bans Return

Ray-Ban, which was established in 1936 by Bausch & Lomb, is the most well-known brand in the world for the production of luxury sunglasses in particular and different ranges of eyewear. To combat the stark blue and white tones of the day sky, the designers of the line of glasses first worked with the US Army Air Corps to produce them. The company was named “Ray-Ban” because its purpose was to protect your eyes from harmful rays. In 1999, the Italian business entity Luxottica Group acquired the company’s rights from Bausch & Lomb.

Can you the Customized Ray-Ban Sunglasses?

You cannot return the sunglasses you customized using the Ray-Ban Remix feature. Sunglasses that are produced specifically for you and according to your specifications cannot be returned. Customized products can only be returned if they are defective.

Ray-Ban Return Policy:

Ray-Ban provides you with a surety, so you are free to change your mind even if the glasses are not broken or defective, thanks to their return policy. 

Your glasses may be returned, except for the following two products:

> Online Gift Cards.

> Physical Gift Cards.

Only products bought from the company’s official website are eligible for product returns, or by an authorized Ray-Ban store must be returned to that store. Within 60 days of the original purchase date, Ray-Ban allows returns. 

Follow the steps to return your eyewear:

> In the My Orders section of the website, enter the order number and email address. Insert the requested payment method when placing the order.

> Follow the steps mentioned.

> Keep the product’s tags intact and place them in their original packaging. This is crucial, and if you don’t follow it, your request will be denied.

> Along with the parcel stick the pre-paid Return Label.

If your glasses are broken, you can ship them to Ray-Ban, who will fix them for you. The company may charge more if you decide to send Ray-Ban your spectacles for repair. Before sending the goods, you will be emailed if any extra charge is to be paid. 

Will they charge fees for the return:

If a product needs to be returned, Ray-Ban doesn’t charge extra. When a customer returns a product online, the company will send a delivery professional to pick it up and you will be informed about what will happen next. When a product is physically returned to a store, the staff will handle the tasks immediately and the customer’s refund or return is granted

How much time is taken in the process?

The Ray-Ban staff notifies customers through email when their reimbursements have been handled. Once a customer requests a refund online, it takes around 15 days for the money to arrive in their bank account. The time taken for offline requests is approximately 10 days. This is because if a product is returned online, it takes a bit longer for it to be examined and approved for a refund.

Ray-Ban will send you a new pair of glasses if a replacement is accepted as soon as the faulty item has been received and examined by their retailers.

It’s crucial to remember that Ray-Ban only accepts certain items for a refund.

The reason why your request was turned down?

Your return request may not be accepted if:

> You lack the return receipt and label.

> The returned period is passed.

> During shipment, the product got damaged.

Contact Customer Support: Ray-Bans Return

Contacting customer service will allow you to have a return label and authorization form generated for printing. Call 08003767955, the company’s toll-free number, to speak with a representative. Once a customer care representative emails you your shipping label, you will need to ship the product yourself.


Now we have learnt ‘Ray-Bans Return’, Ray-Ban has a 60 days return policy, which means you can replace or return any eyewear you purchase within 60 days of purchases except the personalized ones because they were specially designed for you according to your face shape.

If you have other queries, contact them: 08003767955.

  • Q. Are Ray-ban glasses scratch-resistance?

Ans: Yes, they are scratch-resistant because these glasses are made from polycarbonate and other materials, making them scratchproof and preventing your eyes from harmful rays.

  • Q. Can the Ray-Ban logo be scratched off?

Ans: Yes, the Ray-Ban logo on the top left side of the can be scratched off.

  • Q. Are the Ray-Ban glasses polarized?

Ans: Yes, they are polarized. You can notice the trademark P on the right side of the Ray-Ban logo.

Ray-Bans Return- Read More About It

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