Selling Used Furniture – Know More

Assume you have finally got your dream apartment after years of site traveling, searching, and scouring across the internet. Since you are going to be moving into your new home you have decided to buy all new sets of furniture and get rid of the old ones. But you are not exactly sure how to get them sold which is now delaying your move into your new apartment. There are two very common alternatives for you in terms of selling your furniture.

Selling Used Furniture - Know More

The offline options for getting your furniture sold are garage sales, newspaper advertisements, antique stores, etc. However, if your preferences are more internet-based, then online selling, buying, and renting websites can be your other preferable option for getting that used furniture out of the house

This article will briefly explain all the necessary aspects of selling used furniture and help you in resolving all your doubts related to the whole process.

Different ways of selling used furniture

Selling locally

If your idea is to sell your used furniture near to where you live then there are multiple ways you can choose from. 

One way of getting rid of your used furniture is by posting its ad in the local newspaper. Make sure to provide key details about your furniture along with your contact number and your address if you feel comfortable with it. 

If your furniture isn’t too old and still in fine condition then you can consider hosting a tag sale. You can create a clear, descriptive sign to hang around your neighborhood’s vicinity for about 3 to 4 days before the sale. You can also feel free to include your address, hours for visit, and any other info.

You can also choose to sell it to an antique furniture store provided your furniture is somewhat old and still in tip-top shape for it.

Selling online

If your choice is to rather sell your furniture online, then multiple websites will be more than happy to provide you with a platform for it. Here are some websites that can guarantee you the best price on your furniture: 


 It’s the best for those who are keen on selling collectible and high-value furniture. With its deep ties to the professional design community, the site offers up a wide range of buyers willing to spend on good-quality items. The website charges a 30 percent commission but it makes up for it with satisfying services.


AptDeco might be the best option for your furniture if you’re living on the east coast. The site will gladly guide you through the process of selling by suggesting photo enhancements, supplementing details for your listing, and pricing. Its professional delivery team will assist you by facilitating the handover on your behalf.

 The website charges about 25 to 38 percent fees depending on your furniture’s sale price.


With an established history and user traffic, listing on eBay is likely to benefit you. However, there are certain downsides to it too. For instance, certain buyers might seem less reliable in comparison to other professional websites, not to mention the massive range of listings your furniture will be competing with. That said, it offers an established infrastructure.

Facebook Marketplace

the Facebook marketplace is the perfect option for people who can willingly invest some time and effort in searching for good buyers. It takes a better management approach on the seller’s end and charges zero commissions.

For safety and protection purposes, however, it is advised that sellers shouldn’t use their real identities. Instead, sellers can create a page with a generic name.  


 OfferUp provides an array of items including everything from furniture to car parts. It also provides sellers the option to message other users and even view their profiles so that you have a sense of trust and reliability. 


Craigslist connects you and local buyers in an anonymous fashion. If you want to keep a protected identity and attract local sellers, then it’s the right choice for you but you might not find similar security alternatives which the other options might provide.

How you can get the best price for your furniture?

1. Know your furniture

Before setting it up for sale, know if your furniture is in a desirable condition or not. Is it in good shape? How long can it last as per its current condition?

These are some essential questions you should ask yourself while reviewing your furniture. 

2. Determining your furniture’s value

When deciding on the best price for your furniture, consider the following characteristics: its age, condition, and timing of the sale. It’s recommended that sellers list their used furniture at about 20 to 50 percent of the original retail price to get the best price for it.

3. Consider your timing

If you are planning to sell your furniture right away, the best decision would be to lower the price considerably.

On the other hand, if you have enough time in hand, you can offer your furniture for a standard price and hope for the best because then the right buyer can appear anytime

5. Clicking good pictures

Be sure to click attractive pictures of your furniture. It’s important to click pictures of your furniture from all angles as it helps buyers make the right decision about their purchase.

4. Competitor analysis 

If you’re selling on a website like AptDeco, search for similar-looking items and check their pricing, brand, condition, and age. Then, make the necessary changes to your item that can make it more competitive and attractive than the rest.


Selling used furniture is a thriving business among many localities across the United States and the advent of digital marketing has made it easier to do than ever before. Websites like Aptdeco and chairish connect sellers and buyers where they interact and exchange essential used items at affordable rates making their services reliable and trustworthy among millions across America.

Selling Used Furniture – Know More

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