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With the internet replacing everything from our usual paper phone bills to regular market visits, e-commerce websites have reduced the weekly trips to the chaotic grocery stores. The transportation of groceries from the store to your home, the hefty long queues for payment of bills, the mayhem of crowds in a narrow aisle of the store, it’s all reduced down to being as easy as clicking on the ‘Place Order’ option. Let us know ‘ShopRite Instacart’.

ShopRite Instacart

By launching ShopRite Instacart, consumers are much more satisfied as their products are delivered to their homes, hassle-free from the culture of physical shopping.

ShopRite Instacart

ShopRite is a regional local retail store, partnering up with Instacart to deliver products at home for its customers. ShopRite supermarkets offer various grocery products like fruits and vegetables, Gourmet products, beauty, and cosmetic products, beverage items, and other kitchen and home supplies. They also offer deli, seafood platters, dessert items, and retail dietician as a part of the one-store, shop-all marketing genius.

One interesting thing about shopping from ShopRite stores is that they offer products for people of income levels. The tedious job of scheduling the visit from your busy work environment is now effortless and facile with the introduction of the particular delivery application. The 24-hour service has made the hectic visits a straightforward hassle-free job. 

Yes, Instacart has appreciably partnered up with ShopRite to home deliver every kind of product they offer. ShopRite is a designated partner of Instacart and delivers food products, gourmet products, and beauty and cosmetic products at minimal prices to the local public.

Instacart has been collaborating with various big retail stores like Walgreens, CVS, and Target, and also giving leeway to the regional, local stores like ShopRite, Stop and Shop, and Wegmans, to promote a variety and alternatives to the customers. 

Ordering For ShopRite Products Through Instacart

With grocery delivery apps like Instacart, the range of products available at our disposal has increased ranging from grooming products to basic kitchenware. Moreover, after the pandemic fiasco, the priority of people has changed, preferring the no-contact delivery, preventing the aspect from stepping out of their homes and contracting the virus. This has boosted the economic perspective for the retail stores, be it, national or local.

For easy access to ShopRite products, here are the steps you need to follow to order via Instacart.

  1. Login or Sign up to the Instacart account via the website or app available on android and iOS.
  2. Visit the ShopRite storefront. Enter your Price Plus Club card details in the given prompt.
  3. Select the items you need to buy and load up the cart.
  4. Click on the home delivery option and fill in the details.
  5. Pay for the items via debit or credit card or any other options like PayPal or Apple, Google, or Samsung Pay. 
  6. You can chat with Customer Support associates for any queries.
  7. Regular updates about shipping and delivery are provided.

Adding A Shoprite Card To Instacart

Instacart offers three different ways to add your Price Plus Club card to enjoy more discounted deals. 

  1. Open the ShopRite Instacart page and it will prompt you to enter the card details.

This is one way, or if you miss out on the prompt page, you can follow the second method.

  1. Below the ShopRite logo, click on ‘View pricing policy, 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and Save with Price Plus Club card’. It will redirect you towards a pop-up and you can enter your card number there.

Or if you want to log in through your Instacart account, follow the third method.

  1. Click on the three horizontal lines in the upper-left corner. Thereafter, press on the ‘Your Account’ settings option and choose ‘Loyalty Cards’. Find the ShopRite logo and click on the ‘Add Loyalty Card’ option. You can add your card details here.

Cost Of Shoprite Instacart Delivery

ShopRite, being a local retail store, charges a little extra through Instacart shopping.

First, a minimum order of $35 is required for you to choose the Instacart delivery option. The delivery fee can cost from as simple as $3.99 to a hike of $7.99 depending on the location and service fees. It can also depend on the shopping hours if you’re ordering during peak customer hours. Service fees can take up to five percent of your total order.

You can sign up for an Instacart Express deal where you can get unlimited free delivery and lower service fees charged of $99 annually or $10 per month.

For leaving a tip to the shopper, $5 is the preferable amount while generous tips are appreciated for large orders.

How Long Does Shoprite Instacart Take To Deliver?

Few of the ShopRite stores are open for 24 hours, based on the area or region you live in. But ShopRite Instacart does not offer a 24/7 delivery option to its customers. The delivery slots start by 9 am and end by 11 pm.

Most of the orders are delivered within 3 hours of the time of placing the order. While it can also be delivered within 1 hour depending on the location and size of the order.

It does not offer curbside pick-up at any time of the day. But if you shop at ShopRite’s website, you can select the in-store pick-up option as it saves some amount of delivery charges.


ShopRite Instacart provides same-day delivery options for its customers and additional privileges through Price Plus Club card deals. ShopRite offered the facility of home delivery and curbside pick-up through its website, but to reach more customers, Instacart has helped increase its annual revenue and promoted loyalty among customers. It offers a comfortable shopping experience to each customer with easy delivery and regularly added discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use ShopRite gift cards on Instacart?

No, Instacart does not accept ShopRite gift cards as a form of payment.

  • Does ShopRite offer same-day delivery via Instacart?

Yes, It does indeed offer same-day delivery.

  • Does ShopRite Take EBT On Instacart?

ShopRite does not appear to accept EBT on Instacart.

ShopRite Instacart – Know More

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