Can You IP Ban On Discord?

Discord is one of the most popular social media platforms in the gaming industry. People can talk to each other by voice, video call, and text. Let us know about “Can You IP Ban On Discord?”

Can You IP Ban On Discord?

You can make custom Discord servers and invite people to join. However, not every person you talk to on Discord will be likable and may be irritating or might come up with wrong ideas. Banning people becomes useful in such scenarios. Banning a user will remove the user’s access to the server. This type of ban is also known as an IP ban. 

Let us see what Discord is and how an IP ban works:

What Is Discord?

Discord came to resolve the problem gamers were facing of how to talk to teammates while gaming. It gives the user the access to different communication methods such as;

  • Voice chat
  • Video chat
  • Text chat

Discord allows you to build custom servers for your friends and families. You can create multiple text and voice channels and label them to differentiate voice chats for different games. For instance, you can create a voice channel named Minecraft for playing Minecraft. Similarly, you can create respective voice channels for each game. 

Next, you can also give roles to all members in the server. Roles will differentiate groups and can have different voice channels that will be only accessible to users with that particular role. The best thing is that Discord is free for all applications and can be downloaded from the internet.

Can You Block A Person from A Server?

As stated previously, not every person on a server will have a likable personality and may come with wrong intentions. Discord gives the server host & moderators the ability to block a person from the server, in the form of an IP ban. A regular ban on discord is an IP ban. It bans the IP address of the user so they cannot join the same server through a different Discord ID.

First Let Us Understand What An IP Address Is:

An IP address stands for internet protocol address and is a unique number that is used to identify a device on the internet. Each device has its IP address. It is used for communication between 2 or more devices, it is important to know the IP address of each device for them to communicate.

Banning a user from the server using an IP ban will ban any account from that device to re-join or have access to the server. This ensures complete protection to the server and is a good way to remove unwanted people from the server. Discord does not ban the user using IP ban only, it also bans the user by the user’s phone number.

There are different types of bans on Discord. Let’s see all the different kinds of bans on Discord:

Types Of Bans On Discord:

There are different types of bans on discord, they are:

  • Server IP ban
  • Warning ban
  • API ban
  • Temporary ban
  • Account termination
  • Permanent ban

A Server IP ban is given by the server moderator or host, this bans the user’s IP and phone number as well and they cannot join the server again.

A server has a set of rules that needs to be followed by every person on the server. In a warning ban, the user will receive a message from Discord itself regarding the violation they have committed. 

The next level of a ban is an API ban, this bans the user partially. In this, the user can read messages but won’t be able to reply to them. This type of ban stays for about 60 to 90 minutes. 

Next, is the temporary ban. In this ban, the user cannot use discord in any way for a particular amount of time. The period of the ban depends on the violations they have committed.

Account termination ban is when the user’s account is shut down by Discord but this ban can be avoided by creating a new account. The worst possible ban is the permanent ban, this ban blocks the user from using Discord forever.

Can You Get Around An IP Ban? 

The best way to get around an IP ban is to reach out to the server moderator and ask them why you were banned from the server. Understand the reason and work on the mistake you made and make sure you don’t make the same mistakes again.

Politely contact the moderators and ask them to give you another chance. If the moderators accept your apology, they might unban you and you will be able to join the server again.


Discord is an all-in-one social media platform that allows users to talk over chat, video calls, and voice calls. It is best for gamers as it allows users to talk while gaming side by side. However, there might be unwanted people on the server that could be annoying, this is where the Discord ban can be useful. Discord ban is an IP ban by default and it bans the user on all devices. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Is Discord free?

Yes, Discord is free to download. However, you can go premium as well which is paid, this is known as Discord Nitro. This gives more ability to a user.

Q) What is a moderator?

A moderator is a role given to a member of the server by the server owner. It allows them to mute, move and ban other members on the server.

Can You IP Ban On Discord?

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