Does Domino’s Take Apple Pay? -Know More

We all love pizza. Pizza is love. Pizza is life!! When I spell Pizza, I can smell it. Craving one right now. Let us know about “Does Domino’s Take Apple Pay?”

Does Domino’s Take Apple Pay?

Ordering pizza and gorging on it is one of the best things that happened to us. While we all have our favourite pizza brands, we cannot deny that the list of our favourite pizza brands will include Domino’s. 

Domino’s pizza is loved by all. The other day, I wanted to order a freshly baked, cheesy, yummy pizza from Domino’s. But I wasn’t sure of the payment method they accept. 

I had Apple pay. I wanted to make a payment using my apple pay card but didn’t know if (Domino’s) accept my Apple pay card. So, I did some research about the same. I got to know that this is the query from people.

That means many people around are not sure about Apple pay being accepted by Domino’s pizza. 

So, without further ado, here is what my finding is. 

YES, Apple pay is accepted by Domino’s pizza if you order via Domino’s mobile app. 

Isn’t it great?? As ordering pizza online is the, most comforting thing to do.

Ordering Online Is Fine, But What About Dine-In Or Takeaway?

Well, it depends completely on the location and the particular store, whether it accepts Apple pay. So, there might be a store around, which is your usual go-to Domino’s store, which might not accept. But maybe you are in the other part of the city and you happened to enter a store which accepts Apple pay. So, no harm in asking for it. Go ahead and ask them about it beforehand. 

I figured out that the technology Apple pay uses for its payment is NFC. At some locations of the store, they have an NFC payments card reader. That means stores with such card readers will accept Apple pay cards as well.

Why Use Apple Pay At Domino’s??

How do you decide where to order pizza? 

What do you look for while ordering food online?

Of course, while ordering food, the taste takes precedence over everything. But, one big factor that makes you order from a particular place is -DEALS and DISCOUNTS.

Imagine, gorging on your pizza and earning some cashback- Tempting.

Also, the distance of the store, the hassle of driving and probably, you are lazy to step out of your home (just like me).

Whatever your reason might be, you cannot deny the discount and deal factor.

So here is something for you. 

Apple card gives you a cashback of 2% on your bills. That mean, if you look for places supporting Apple pay, you may save 2% on your bill every time you make a payment using the same. So that’s a great pick for us.

Benefits Of Apple Pay

If you are shopping for your groceries, apparel, cosmetics, etc. you should pay through Apple pay, if the merchant accepts Apple pay cards. Also, paying through Apple pay when you order food online, comes with a lot of benefits.

Firstly, you can pay directly through your Apple wallet, which means you don’t need to carry your card along. Also, when the card is digitally present, the use of plastic is reduced. So, by using an Apple wallet, you are contributing a bit toward sustainable living.

Secondly, the transaction through the Apple pay wallet is completely secure. The system is such that it protects your information like the card details (credit card number, CVV). All the payment transactions are guarded so the possibility of theft, fraud or scam is highly reduced.

Thirdly, you can earn 2% cash back on every transaction. So, who knows, your next pizza or your next bill payment may get you a good discount.

Although to use Apple pay at Domino’s, you need to have its app. But it’s not a big deal to download Domino’s app as you can save your customisation for a repeat order. Also, using Domino’s app for ordering pizza online, you will get some coupons or offers for your next order or delivery. So, it’s kind of a win-win situation to use Apple pay at Dominoes. 

Safe And Secured Transactions Using An E-Wallet

There is one big reason to use Apple wallet (or any other wallet per se) over credit cards. Many stores enter the card details into the computer, which might be stored or retrieved for further usage. As a customer, you do not have the access to the screen thereby increasing the chances of a scam. So, it is always advisable to prefer your payments with an Apple wallet (or any other wallet).  


You can use Apple pay to order Domino’s pizza through its app. The transactions will be secured, rest assured. 

For a dine-in or takeaway, ask if the store accepts Apple pay, as many locations are accepting Apple pay cards as well. 

Also, don’t forget to use your 2% cash back.

Does Domino’s Take Apple Pay? -Know More

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