Guide For Watching So You Think You Can Dance

If you’re a fan of dancing; then you must have heard of the show So You Think You Can Dance. This is an American reality dancing show where contestants compete in a dance battle throughout the season to win the title of ‘America’s Favorite Dancer’. The series’ first season premiered in July 2005 and a total of 17 seasons have been released since then. With the latest season being released in May 2022. If you’ve never heard of SYTYCD but now you’re interested in it; then you must be wondering where to watch this show. Right? Let us know about that the Guide For Watching So You Think You Can Dance

Guide For Watching So You Think You Can Dance

This dance show was originally broadcasted by Fox Network since its initial release in 2005. But you can also watch this reality show from anywhere through different online streaming platforms. Also, many TV alternatives have Fox Tv available where you can watch SYTYCD. 

In this article, we’ll discuss a few online and offline platforms through which you can watch So You Think You Can Dance from anywhere. 

TV services 

Fox TV

this channel is the official TV network for SYTYCD. The broadcast of the latest episodes of So You Think You Can Dance is shown on Fox TV ever since the first season. You can ask your tv operator or cable tv service provider to add Fox TV to your pack. Some of the cable services that provide Fox tv are:

  1. Mohu Leaf Supreme pro
  2. Mohu Leaf Metro
  3. ClearStream MAX-V HDTV Antenna
  4. 1byone Amplified HDTV Antenna 

TV alternatives 

In case you don’t have a cable TV service and you don’t plan to buy one; you can watch So You Think You Can Dance from any alternative to cable TV. Many live Tv services have Fox TV available to stream. Let’s take a look at a few of them: 

Hulu with Live TV

gives access to 60+ channels and on-demand channels with a monthly subscription of $6.99. All of Fox tv’s shows are available on Hulu Live TV and you can also watch So You Think You Can Dance here without a cable. 

Fubo TV

is also a good option as an alternative to cable TVs. Along with Fox TV; about 120+ channels are available within a package of $70 per month. You can also get local channels with the pack. They also provide a free 7-day trial before buying. 

YouTube TV

also provides access to 85+ channels’ on-demand networks and cloud-based DVR with a subscription of $64.99 for a month. The subscription is for one membership and six-member accounts. Fox TV is also available in the pack. As YouTube TV is on par with Hulu TV; it makes this a great choice to watch SYTYCD. 


is a live streaming service with a plan starting from $69.99 for 65+ channels including Fox Tv. Although this service is far better for watching sports shows; as it has more regional sports channels than its rival services. You can still watch SYTYCD here. 

Amazon Prime Video

also has all seasons of So You Think You Can Dance available on its platform for streaming. or Fox app

is an app that has all your favorite shows and movies that are available on Fox TV. It also has a premium version. You can catch up to SYTYCD here or at Also, you can install the Fox app on your smart tv and watch your favorite shows. 


You can also buy or rent DVDs of any season of So You Think You Can Dance from Amazon or any other rental site. DVDs are a good option to watch this series offline without paying for a subscription. This also helps if you don’t have a cable Tv. If you’re a dance freak and need to replay the clip, then buying a DVD is the best option. 


You can also use A VPN to stream SYTYCD on the internet. Just use a VPN service of your choice, choose your preferred location, connect to your streaming service and watch the show. 


There are many platforms where So You Think You Can Dance is available. Even if you don’t have Fox Tv or a cable connection; you can watch this show without any problem. Based on your preference and situation, you can choose whatever way to watch SYTYCD. If there is one thing you need to make sure of; that is to thoroughly consider all these choices and choose the best one. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Where can you watch the old seasons of So You Think You Can Dance? 

You can watch the old seasons of So You Think You Can Dance online on various streaming platforms like Hulu or you can watch it on 

  • Is So You Think You Can Dance available on Netflix? 

No, So You Think You Can Dance isn’t available on Netflix. 

You can watch short clips, teasers, and behind-the-scenes of SYTYCD on YouTube. But you can’t watch whole episodes or seasons there. Although you can stream SYTYCD on YouTube TV. 

  • Where can I watch So You Think You Can Dance New Generation? 

The SYTYCD New Generation is available on Fox, Hulu, and other streaming platforms. 

Guide For Watching So You Think You Can Dance

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