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With increased global inflation, the prices of all items have increased. To maintain a budget and make purchases, people often look for discounts or goods of good quality and reasonable prices. Several retailers offer the “price match policy” that allows the customers to get discounts. The policy states that if a competitor sells the same good for a lower price, the retail store will sell the good for the lower price to the consumer and match the price. Let us see about Nordstrom price match.

Nordstrom Price Match

Nordstrom Price Match

Nordstrom is a US-based store specializing in high-quality and luxury goods from top-tier brands. Therefore, their prices might be a little high for several consumers. Thus, stores like Nordstrom offer a price match policy mostly at checkout. To avail benefits of the policy, one has to find the same good at a lower price at a competitor store. Nordstrom will sell the consumer the same good for a lower price. The difference amount will either be adjusted or refunded. Nordstrom might offer price matches only for select stores and brands.

What are the Criteria for the Price Match Policy at Nordstrom?

The product has to be identical: the product you want to avail of the policy’s benefits has to be completely identical; that is, it has to be from the same brand, in the same size and color. 

The item must be in stock in the competitor store while demanding a price match. Furthermore, an ad or a link to the product has to be provided and verified for the price match. Price matching is only allowed once on one item. Multiple price matches cannot be made. 

Types of Price Match offered by Nordstrom 

  1. If you can find the same product at a lower price in a competitor store before or after purchase, you can approach Nordstrom for a refund or adjustment. 
  2. If, after your purchase, Nordstrom puts the same product on sale, you can demand a refund or adjustment and get the product for a lower price. 

One essential thing is that these offers are only available for 14 days after the purchase. Therefore, post the 14 days, one cannot demand a refund or adjustment in price. 

What are the brands on which price match is allowed? 

Nordstrom offers a price match for stores such as Macy’s, Amazon, Bloomingdale’s, ShopBop, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, East Dane, Mr. Porter, and Net-a-Porter.  

 How can I avail Price Matching?

  1. Online: One can visit the website online and fill in the details with valid proof of a lower price at a competitor store. The request will be processed further by the store. 
  2. Phone: One can dial the store’s number 1.888.282.6060 and request a price match
  3. Email: A consumer can email them at and request a price match as well 

What are the Implications of this Policy?

From the point of view of a store owner, price matching might be beneficial since it shows the customer that you are flexible and willing to understand the consumers’ needs and accommodate them. It also shows that the store values its customers and respects their needs. Although, this might be detrimental for the seller since they lose out on profits. Furthermore, usually in economic terms, when there is a competitive market, the prices of a product are at equilibrium due to the invisible hand, that is, the forces of demand and supply. Therefore, the current prices are mostly at par with the market equilibrium prices and need not be further lowered. From the consumer’s point of view, they might feel valued and vital since they get the policy’s benefits. This might increase their willingness to make increased future purchases from the store.  

Products That are Excluded from this Policy 

  1. Items bought on sale: This policy cannot be applied when a particular item is already bought at a discount or sale. 
  2. Items from the outlet: if an item from the Nordstrom rack is bought, the price cannot be matched 
  3. Club retailers and auctions: products bought from auction sites of club retailers such as eBay or Costco are not valid for this policy. 
  4. Special sale items: Products bought during limited edition deals such as daily deals or anniversary deals will not be considered for price matching. 


With a vast population having budgetary constraints while shopping, policies such as Nordstrom’s price match guarantee make consumers feel valued and consider their wants. Although it might be detrimental for the store in terms of profits, it brings increased sales and consumer satisfaction. Whether or not to provide this facility is based on a store’s long-term goals and ideology. Companies seeking increased profits might not want to provide it, but companies aiming at consumer satisfaction and increased sales would find a use for the policy. 

  • Can I get a price match on products I bought online?

Yes, one can also benefit from price matching on online purchases if they fulfill all the criteria. 

  • Does Nordstrom provide other discounts?

Yes, Nordstrom provides discounts for students but not for teachers, senior citizens, or frontline workers. 

  • Can I get a price match if I find an identical product on an online store?

Yes, Nordstrom might provide you with a discount in the case of online stores since, with increased digitization, online stores are a significant competitor for stores like Nordstrom.

Nordstrom Price Match – Know More

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