Set Up Your Outdoor Blink Camera- Find More About It

The Blink Outdoor Camera is an effective choice for house safety. It gives 1080p resolution and streaming. These advanced cameras are from Amazon that let you monitor your home with so ease. The only obstacle is that fixing it up could be a little tricky, but I’ll guide you on exactly how to execute it. Let’s learn about ‘Set Up Your Outdoor Blink Camera’.

Set Up Your Outdoor Blink Camera

Set Up Your Outdoor Blink Camera

To set up your outdoor blink camera, install the app, then sign up and set up the sync module. The entire procedure can be handled through the Blink application.

Furthermore, I have explained the technique of prepping up a Blink camera using Apple Homekit and Google Home. 

Setup The Blink Sync Module

Setting up the blink sync module is the very first step to connecting any Blink gadget to your house which transmits the commands and network information to your Blink devices. Here are the steps.

Step 1: click the (+) icon in the upright nook of the Blink app. 

Step 2: click Blink Wireless System. 

Step 3: Now you will find a QR on the back side of your sync module, Scan the code or enter the serial code manually (You may need to provide Blink access to your mobile camera.)

Step 4: Choose a name for your Blink system and click Done.

Step 5: Now you have to wait for a little while for the Sync Module to start twinkling blue, with the green glint remaining fixed. Once it is done, tap Discover Device.

Step 6: The Sync Module will create a Wi-Fi system that starts with BLINK-XXXX. Tap join. 

Step 7: After the network gets connected, you will notice a record of 2.4GHz webs within latitude. Tap your network and join it using your password. Yay, almost done.

Step 8: you will receive a notification about adding a new Sync Module to the system if it is successful. Click Done.

If you properly do these steps, your sync module will attach to your Wi-Fi. Add cameras to your system now it is time to add the camera.

Add Your Camera  

Step 1: You have to unscrew the back plate If your camera is new and fresh. Use the given equipment to unscrew the back panel, but if you have missed that tool, go to your kitchen, and grab one of the knives. It works the same.

Step 2: Next, click on the (+) icon in the upright corner of the Blink app and choose Blink Wireless Camera.

Step 3: Scan the QR code inside the mortar compartment of the camera. Note that the backplate should be ready. After scanning the code, it is going to start searching. You need to connect the backplate and screw correctly to join the connections. After that, the camera will blink red if turned on.

Step 4: Select a system for the camera.

Step 5: If the camera is connected, you will see a statement at the top of the screen that is “Camera added successfully.”

Once all your cameras are added to the system, there is just a bit left to do. All you require is to fix the cameras in an accurate direction. If you bought the cameras with a particular mindset, make sure you fix them in a way that their coordination with the system is unscathed.

While searching for areas, it is necessary to forgo the following:

  • The camera confronts the daylight
  • A camera inducted under flapping leaves and limbs
  • Vehicles in distance The Blink Outdoor Camera comprises mounting hardware, too.

When it is credible to screw it in, we observed that the no-drill method functioned if you possess vinyl siding.

If you want to screw the mount in place, the procedure is the same. Use the given screws and then sweep the camera onto the fence rack. 

Home Blink is Amazon’s subordinate which is why they are mainly formulated to function with Alexa. If you want to add more cameras, follow the same steps.


Blink outdoor cameras are relatively susceptible to installation. However, its insufficient compatibility with Google Home and Apple Homekit is just irritating.

If you have a quick, smart, and flexible home hub already and are determined to use Blink outdoor cameras with it, you can outperform the constraints by using IFTTT or HOOBS. 

These outlets enable you to conquer the industrialization restrictions set by. manufacturing. Furthermore while establishing Blink smart commodities, you can also fix more than one network for varied zones of your cabin.

  • Should we connect blink cameras to the same WI-FI as the sync module?

Yes, it should be attached to the same Wi-Fi as the sync module.

  • Should I use a Blink camera with no Sync Module?

No. Blink cameras cannot cope without a sufficient internet connection and the sync module.

Set Up Your Outdoor Blink Camera- Find More About It

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