Trees For Troops-Know More

Christmas Spirit Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation that works in the spirit of Christmas for children, families, and the environment. Trees for Troops is one such program established in 2005 by them in the spirit of Christmas to make sure that the members of the military and their families enjoy and celebrate Christmas like all other Americans. Let us know more about that the Trees For Troops-Know More.

Trees For Troops-Know More

Trees for Troops is the biggest tree distribution program in the United States by the Christmas Spirit Foundation wherein farm-grown Christmas trees are provided to the members of the United States armed forces and their families for free through donations, volunteering, sponsorships, and grants. 

Trees For Troops Mission

The tagline for the Trees for Troops program is “Delivering the spirit of Christmas to military families – one Christmas tree at a time”.

Trees for Troop charitable campaign was started with a mission to bring about a smile on the faces of the soldiers & their families on Christmas and a token of appreciation for protecting the nation by providing them with a fresh real Christmas tree at more than 75 military bases in the U.S. and overseas. This campaign began in 2005 and since then, more than 260,000 fresh real Christmas trees have been provided to the troops & military families. Around 15,000 to 17,000 real Christmas trees from 27 states are collected and delivered by Trees for Troops every year.

Understand The Whole Process Involved In Trees For Troops 

Farm-grown Christmas trees are donated by the farms and local sponsors. Trees for Troops invites individuals and organizations to participate in the program through donations, volunteering, sponsorships, and grants. There is a list of office locations on their official website from where everyone can buy a real Christmas tree for a donation, either online or by visiting, which is then delivered to one of the 75+ military bases. 

These Christmas trees collected at each farm or official location are then picked up by FedEx Freight, the official delivery partner of Trees for Troops, and delivered to the military bases. Once arrived & unloaded, the base decides how & when these Christmas trees will be distributed to their personnel. 

The participants include individual volunteers & donors, retail lots & nurseries, National Christmas Tree Association, and several other regional Christmas Tree Associations. They can donate funds or a Christmas tree and are encouraged to add personalized messages to the trees before delivering them.   

Trees For Troops Weekend – An Annual Event

An annual event called Trees for Troops Weekend is hosted under the campaign on the first weekend of December wherein farms, retailers, and nurseries including the members of the National Christmas Tree Association, and several other regional Christmas Tree Associations all over the country participate to donate Christmas trees. Individuals can donate in the form of funds or Christmas trees to any of these participants by visiting their locations or can even donate remotely if these locations are far away from their place of residence. 

How To Be A Part Of The Trees For Troops Program?

  • The donors can visit one of the participant locations of the Trees for Troops Weekend event and buy a Christmas tree for donation with the option to add a personal note or message to be delivered along with the tree.
  • You can donate online directly to the Christmas Spirit Foundation which is tax-deductible, and if you are a federal employee, select #12283 in the Combined Federal Campaign.
  • When you buy your own Christmas tree, enquire whether your Christmas tree provider is involved in the Trees for Troops program, and you can directly donate monetarily or a tree from there.
  • Follow Trees for Troops on social media platforms to stay updated about the upcoming events, official locations of farms or retailers in your area nearby, and spread more awareness about the program through your handle.
  • You can also support by buying a collectible Tree for a Troops teddy bear. 

How To Donate Online?

Visit the official website of the Christmas Spirit Foundation. If you are a participating farm or retailer or nursery, you need to fill out a form to support the Trees for Troops program which is available on the website. If you are an individual donor, you can donate either online or offline:

  • Online donation: Navigate to Donate Online on the website. A new page will open where you have to select the donation amount starting from $10 to how much ever you wish to donate. You can be a one-time donor or recurring donor on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis by selecting an appropriate option. Fill out the other information like your personal information, a few other questions, and the payment details, and click on submit to donate.
  • Offline donation: If you wish to donate offline using your credit card or check, you need to download the CSF general donation form from the website, fill it out, and then mail or fax your payment details & the form to the Christmas Spirit Foundation. You can also donate over the phone by calling on the number given on the website. 


Trees for Troops was established in 2005 and became the biggest Christmas tree distribution program in America. Every year, thousands of Americans donate through the program and help them achieve their mission of bringing a smile to the faces of the military troops & their family members, and show their token of appreciation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many farms are associated with the National Christmas Tree Association?

More than 5000 farms & retailers growing & selling Christmas trees are represented by the National Christmas Tree Association.

  • How much monetary donation is appropriate to donate a real Christmas tree?

A donation of $40 allows you to donate a real Christmas tree under the Trees for Troops program.

Trees For Troops-Know More

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